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Halloween Candy Box top

This is part of the top of the cardboard box I use for holding Halloween trick-or-treat candy. It's decorated with "stamps" done in the vector graphics program Freehand.

The alphabet used, and the imaginary country in southern Europe that the stamps are from (The Federated Republic of Khorlia), were invented by a friend, the late Dave Fox. I made the computer font. These are 24-plotny air post special handling stamps. The fox (which is a character in the font) is a national emblem of Khorlia. About eight inches wide.

Could be considered fan art.

The download is larger.
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I just found this and it's wonderful. I'm Elizabeth aka Vixen Fox, Dave's daughter. He would be thrilled.
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I got your message on Facebook and replied there. :)

But it bears repeating: I loved Dave's Khoria writing; it was playful, joyful stuff.
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"The Federated Republic of Khorlia"

Huh. Just how does something become Federated? =P I think I might visit sometime.
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I think just a brief application of a federater is all that is needed.... :D
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Oh, OK then. *Briefly applies a federater to cause federatedness*
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Oh, noes, not federatedness.... :D
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But if you are federated you have federatedness! =P
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I can haz federatedness!
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I can haz federatedness too?
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Yez, we can haz federatedness,
we can haz federatedness today. :)
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