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Reverse-carved acrylic block About five inches high, one and a half inches thick.

The look of this is very dependent on the direction and color of the light. I hope to have a better picture later, but this scan will have to do for now.

In the collection of Carolly Hauksdottir [link] .
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ChromeCrossStudent Traditional Artist
It is awesome !!
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Thank you. :)
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epsteinProfessional Traditional Artist
wow! i've never seen anything like this before... looks like the inside of my eyelids, very biological
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Mmrur this is phenomenal; I see it as a crystalline, vortex canyon of writhing cells dividing into spinal fishards.
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Well, that's definitely a method of looking at it. :)
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MsmeakochanProfessional General Artist
This is gorgeous. The textures in this are exquisite.
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arcticphoenixstudiosProfessional General Artist
Is reverse carving where you drill into the back? Or did you actually carve it rather than drilling? I think I might have seen someone doing this once...Forget where or what they were making though...Hrm. Very cool. :)
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Reverse carving is removing material from the back, to create the look of a solid object from the front. For the acrylic reverse carvings I use special drills made for reverse carving plastic, and regular Dremel carving bits, and tiny carving bits made for dental use; and all of these are used in a power tool; either a Foredome flex-shaft or a micro-motor that resembles a small Dremel tool. For reverse carving glass, I use diamond bits in the Foredom flex-shaft and carve with water to cool the carving. The special plastic carving drills are very pointy and are shaped to cut through plastic when moved sideways, as well as drilling holes. Foredom made the ones I use.
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arcticphoenixstudiosProfessional General Artist
Hrm. Most intriguing. Thank you for the info!
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Inspirational, Don! I've got Plexiglas at work, a Dremel at home, and now... reference material!

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."
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Did I already say that I love this? I loooove this. Ooohhh....
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Well, you hadn't, but it's not too late. :) Thank you.
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Don, I'll try some of JOCAPS advice and see if I can get some decent digital shots of "Amazon Landscape" and send them up to you.
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Thank you.
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I took about eight photos of the piece today, one of which works fairly well. I used sunlight outdoors, and propped the piece at about a 45° angle on the porch steps with green felt behind it so that the carving would show. Right now it is saved as a 30ppi, 6+" x8+", PSD (CS2 for PC). What format do you need it in?
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I've got CS2 for Mac, so I should be able to open that, and put it into any formats I need.
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I've sent two views. My computer locked up just after saying "message sent successfully" when I sent the top view. Please let me know whether or not the both come through.
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Just the side view arrived.
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I re-sent the top view this morning using win-zip. This time it went through from here.
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And arrived fine. :) Thank you, Kate.
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ChamaeliriumHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I've never seen anything like this before! I'm sitting here with my own tools in hand, trying to figure out how you did it... fabulous!
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