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Elder Sign WIP



A different interpretation of the descriptions of the Elder Sign in H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos; one of several variations I am trying out versions of. Done using Freehand and Fontographer.

The star shape with internal vesica piscis is a strict geometric construction. The caption at the bottom, the eroded-to-illegibility red circle, and the spiky-looking vertical bit in the center, are all in an alphabet that has some features in common with Ogham (continuous center line, characters based on systematic permutations of simple angles), but works somewhat differently.

(Yes, in this version, the "tower of flame" is simultaneously also a word and the treelike Lovecraft elder sign.)
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Quite an interesting take on the Elder Sign. I like that you tried to keep star and 'tree' togheter :meow: