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Elder Sign Construction 1

This shows the strict geometric construction of the main part of my Elder Sign design: [link]
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Looks a bit like the symbol of the evil character, portrayed by Jim Carey, in a Series of unfortunate events. :D
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Count Olaf does have a thing for eyes as decor....
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I love it when a blueprint comes together. :D
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Now You sound like Hannibal Smith ; P
Nice work on the sign though. I like the idea for constructing the star geometrically. Simple yet effective. And, as they say, things that are simple and effective at the same time are most difficult to design.
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Could it be because of all those episodes of "The A-Team" I watched? :D

I like to strictly design some things, and I find geometric construction a good way to do that, because I also find it a good way to play with the design, and possibly find versions I like just as well or better....
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yea :D

I had a lot of mixed feelings about the elder sign when you posted it ...

The construction though looks nice :D
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What sort of mixed feelings? I researched the subject, which made me unsatisfied with the various "official" versions. I decided to make something that fit the original descriptions, paid homage to later inventions, and yet was quite different (and, I'm sure, not at all what anyone else had in mind). Also, I wanted it to look good.
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Its not about accuracy ..
Its about the aesthetic ...

I think its about the object inside the Vesica piscis.

But don't let it get into your head on my account ... seriously ..
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I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but it's hard to make something that looks like Lovecraft's drawing that is generally called a tree, and like a tower of flame that forms the pupil of an eye, and like a word (and maybe like a hand gesture, though I'm not really trying for that). I plan to try versions with curved lines when (and if) I get around to it....
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