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Dragon Eye 3

Pendant made from an elk antler base and a glass taxidermy lynx eye. About 2-1/2 inches high.

Antler base carved, stained with walnut ink, and glass eye set from the back and sealed with mixture of glue and antler dust graduating to mixture of glue and clear glass microbeads in center (allowing light to pass through eye when lit from back). Sealed with beeswax mixture. Cord tunnel through upper back.

UPDATE: This piece has been featured on Propnomicon, a Lovecraft mythos prop blog, on September 21, 2011 [link]
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You selling anything?
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Some of the stuff. I'll be selling a lot more in the future. This is my shop:

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This is absolutely beautiful. Good job!
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Thank you. :) I do feel that this turned out particularly well.
very creative idea!!!
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your quite welcome!!
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What beautiful work. I always enjoy seeing it in person at cons (most lately FC) It is a pleasure to find your work online!
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Thank you. :) I very much enjoy seeing artists in person at FC and other conventions.
LauraGarabedian's avatar
Likewise! It is one of my great joys of conventions :)
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how much did the lynx eye cost?
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I got it from a bead dealer for $10. I don't know where she got it, or what she paid for it, or how to find her. I've been meaning to get some lynx eyes from taxidermy dealers to see if they are the same quality.
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Incredible. Did this piece sell?
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Thank you. :) Yes, it sold. I could have sold a dozen of them, if I had a matter duplicator. I may make something similar, if I can get the materials.
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what a beautiful piece! what would you consider selling this for?
whats the price? i have a friend who would love this.
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I'll send you a note.
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It is amazing how much it really feels as if a presence was watching. Wonderful work!
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That is incredible! Another amazing piece from you! (and one I might have to have... do you think you'll part with it?)
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Actually, it is for sale (the Unsold Items folder in may gallery has most of the for-sale pieces in my gallery. Most of the other pieces in the gallery have already been sold or traded or given as gifts).
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Gotta love those eyes! Gives it such a spooky, live animal effect.=)
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I've been trying out various degrees of realism in eye jewelry; this is the "very realistic" end of the spectrum.
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