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March 17, 2010
Dire Wolf Skull by =DonSimpson has a tribal/ritualistic feel behind it, the carvings lending itself to use by a shaman. The casting work too has been really well done and looks very convincing as a real skull.
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Dire Wolf Skull

This is a resin cast of a dire wolf skull. Goldenwolf commissioned me to carve and decorate it.

The original casting was very high quality, but I did some additional texturing and some staining and other "skullness" detailing as well as doing the carving and so on. The braided leather cords with bone disks are not just decorative, but serve various practical purposes: hanging the skull up, fastening the jaw flexibly so it can open, and tying the jaw shut for travel. I gave it a bold graphic with contrasting textured background, to show at a distance, but the texture is made with little spirals and circles and angle-changing lines, that show close-up. The carved inset I made for the forehead is bone.

Photo by Goldenwolf.
Original casting by Bone Clones.…
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This is awesomely amazing!

Would it be okay if I drew it, and then posted the drawing?
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As long as you say in your comments that that's what you did, I have no objection. And please let me know when you post it.
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Broken-Civilization's avatar
I feel so rude, I forgot to say how beautiful and well carved it is! I love the little details you added!

Wonderful Jib keep it up!Clap  
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Words cannot describe...
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Thank you. :) This is my most favorited piece by far.
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I think this is really cool. But can you answer a question or two of mine? They may be odd but it will help out a lot....

...this is totes cool.
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I can try to answer questions; just send me a note. :)
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wow! this is so amazing <3 :D
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*want* It's so cool ... :)
CelestialNecrofear's avatar
I would looooove to have this as a tattoo I can just imagine how amazing it would look . I have a question tho, Does the design carved onto the skull have a meaning or is it just for design purposes?
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I carved this for *Goldenwolf so if you want to have a tattoo made from the look of it, you will need to talk to her. The design is intended to have meaning, but that would be supplied by *Goldenwolf (who is a werewolf fan, so I carved it with that in mind).
CelestialNecrofear's avatar
I see, Its gorgeous piece, Thank you for answering
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where did you get a dire wolf skull to cast?
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The skull cast was supplied by the client.

The casts are made by a company called Bone Clones [link] , and I assume they use one of preserved dire wolf skulls from the La Brea Tar Pits. [link] [link]
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Why would you kill animals just to carve their skulls?!?!!?!??!?!
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