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Dark Deco Bobcat

Bobcat skull upper, carved, and bone beads added. India ink stain. Microcrystalline wax finish. Reduced top view added to scan.
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I... I love... I love it!
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Hey I just started in this I wss wondering how do u go about staining these
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I am mainly self-taught, so I might not be the best person to ask. I use different things, but mostly waterproof drawing ink, sometimes thinned with water, brushed on and quickly wiped off or abraided off with a flexible abrasive pad like Scotchbrite
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wow beautiful work, I love how the ink really brings it out. I also like The fisher A skull as well, very nice design

I would love to try skull carving, i have a couple of skulls here and there. the boar skull should work well
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Ah, looks like you have already read the essay. I'll be interested to see your results. :)
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yeah, just need to find the right tools or something similar
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Thank you. :)

You should read my essay on skull carving before starting on your own. The safety part is important.
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already have Nod 

ive done oxy/arc welding, metal work and wood work before so it shouldn't be much of a problem.
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Is this fer sale? Its so AWESOME XD
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Sorry; it sold very quickly. I'll be doing more carved skulls, but I never do two exactly the same.
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So what sort of bits do you use to carve the bone?
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Mostly dental bits (dentists call them "burrs"). See here for more information: [link]
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How much do you sell these for? They're so beautiful!
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I'll send you a note. :)
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The stain really brings the designs out. Beautiful work!
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Beautiful work.
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wow thats really it!
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I ought to give carving a try - people get such great results with it, like this.
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