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Coyote of Darkness

Coyote skull, carved and stained, sealed with beeswax mixture. About eight inches long.

There is a side view here: [link]

This piece was done as an entry in the Totems and Mysterious Objects contest: [link]
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Can't take my eyes off it! :D
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ools do you use to carve the skulls
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Start with this essay, then send notes with any further questions:
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wow, thats amazing, how did you carve it?
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Here's the basic info: [link]

If you have more questions, just send me a note. :)
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wow, cool thank you :)
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Really adore the carvings on this one, superb work...
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Featured: Carving into skill just seems to be a natural progression of how jewelry (beads) and other forms of decoration started. You have taken carving bone to a new level. The detail you use doesn't demean the image of the subject but it makes the animal seam more mysterious and a symbol of power. Fantastic work, i can't wait to see more!
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All of your work is really beautiful. Looking through your gallery is so inspiring. :)
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Thank you. :) I love to inspire (and to be inspired).
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this is amazing, I love the detail, just stunning work!
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Intricate and organic. I love the forms you find in natural objects.
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Great work, i admire how much patience and detail was put on it.
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Incredible! Original and beautiful.
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