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Chinese Five Elements

This diagram was done (some years ago) from a table of correspondences of the Chinese five elements. I transformed the interactive and cyclic attributes into a diagram (I think they are more understandable that way) and kept most of the other entries in the tabular form at the bottom. It was done to help a friend with research for a story, and I don't claim to understand it.

The program I used for this is called Freehand, and it is still my favorite vector-based drawing program.
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thanks so much bro, need just this sought of thing to add to my journal :-) (cue the happy dance.... la la la) lol
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This is really nice! I'm into a bit of this stuff, and I say good job! =)
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This is well done. I like it. +Fav
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I could explain a lot to you if you wanted; we studied it in class. :)
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I think perhaps the best thing might be for you to write it up and put it in your gallery, where I could link to it, and many people could benefit from the information.
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The chinese also use this in acupuncture to demonstrate the relationship between the organs
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Probably other places, too. But I haven't done further research. :(
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