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Channeled Stone Pendant C

By DonSimpson
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A pendant made from a carved stone disk. About two inches in diameter (and about a half inch thick at the center).
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this pendant, for whatever reason, stands alone & leaves one wondering when it arrived on earth from the moon. as usual, from the hand of a gifted artist.
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I thought I'd tell you that Miriam really likes this one. According to her, "it is cool and weird, and so simple."

Personally I like the gracefulness of this whole set of images.
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looks OK. but knowing your other carved stone art this one just look like a machine test ;-)
Maybe it is as the pattern don't give me any feeling or pattern.
anyhow you ever thought on making the Charms of Bezel (from Ben10 children TV animation) I think it would be nice to show of in your collection of works :-) especial for exhibition on Conventions.
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Well, I've done channel-pattern stones that I felt came out better; but tastes differ. :)

I didn't remember the name "Ben10", but when I look at pictures found through Google, I remember seeing parts of an episode or two of the show. I have definitely not seen anything about Charms of Bezel, much less pictures....
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It's beautiful. I've thought about it all day. I think because it has a very alien feel to it, as though this is something you might find on an alien planet, or what aliens might wear.

Sorry, I know I'm odd! Anyway, I like it a lot.
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Thank you. :)

What, you're apologising? I thought that was a wonderful complement. I love alien-looking stuff.
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That is beautiful! I love your choice of shapes for the channels. :D
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very nice.
This piece has a really strong sense of balance for me.
What tools did you use to carve this piece?
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Thank you. I do try to put balance, and sometimes directional flow, into my work.

I used diamond tools. The cord hole was done with a drill and a cone tool; the channels were done with a ball tool. Then the surface was given a _lot_ of rubbing with very fine sandpaper (and then paper toweling) to polish it and to very slightly round the edges of the channels so they do not feel harsh.
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Your art proves that the idea of using precious metals and stones for jewelry has been erroneous :)
All those diamonds are good are stoneworking tools!
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Well, precious metals and stones certainly are not necessary, though it is possible to do nice work with them. One jeweler I met many years ago said that diamonds were what you put on jewelry so that people who could not otherwise tell would know it was valuable. He had very harsh opinions about most commercial jewelry, and very high standards for gem cutting and metal fabrication.
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