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Caracal 01

Caracal skull upper; carved, inset with a carved bone oval, stained with walnut ink, and with a microcrystalline wax finish.

The fangs are chipped, and there were a few fragile parts that had to be repaired, but I think it came out well. It was scanned with the facial plane on the scanner glass, and though my scanner has a good depth of field (for a scanner), the back of the skull (uncarved) is dark and out of focus.

This was bought by the amazing Llyn Hunter. [link]
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Oh my gosh! Those fine details are beautiful!
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caracals are amazing animals! This piece is absolutely amazing!
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this is very lovely! you did a stunning job carving this. must be hard work!
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how is this done D: its EPIC
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See here: [link]
Then, if you need more information, just send me a note. :)
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excellent work..
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Very powerful!
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I really like the 'third eye' inserts. It's a wonderful idea.
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It helps put a central focus in skulls that have a strong central dividing line.
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No well-appointed longhouse should be without one! 7@=e
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cat skulls are creepy

but this is goregous

and I have a question

What kind of glue would you use to repair split teeth?
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Thank you. :)

I use cyanoacrylate (also known as Crazy Glue, though that's not the brand I use at the moment). Do not ignore the safety precautions if you use this stuff.

Wear eye protection, don't breath the fumes, have a solvent handy (I use acetone) in case it decides to glue your fingers together). And don't wear clothes you don't want possibly permanently glue-ified.
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thanks for the info, I thought crazy glue but I wasn't sure if it would do damage. anyway, thanks again :D
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There may be better products for the purpose, but it's what I use.
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I love the details Don!!
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Thank you. :)

Details, whether visible or invisible (like subtleties of curvature, or the interrelations of proportions) are what make art good.
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Beautiful as always!
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