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Buffalo 01

Large buffalo skull with carved designs and inset stone.
Carved areas have a walnut and graphite stain, and further walnut staining was done in various areas. There are india ink stained wood spheres in the eye sockets.

Done for an art trade with Sandra Santara :iconssantara:

This is the largest skull I've carved. I did a horse skull for Magical Acts Ritual Theater when they were preparing for their production of Equus, but otherwise the largest real skull I'd worked with was coyote (and the largest resin replica was of a lion skull).
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10/500 second
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7 mm
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Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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I adore this one!
<font><font>quanto custa??, eu vivo no Brasil.</font></font>
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I do not own this skull, I was commissioned by the owner to do the carving.
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Absolutely amazing x.x
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This one is amazing Don!
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Thank you. :)

I wish I could afford something by you.
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Maybe we could do a trade sometime.
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That would be wonderful. First I need to catch up on commissions.
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Anytime, dig your work.
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Your craftsmanship is amazing!
I am currently working on an animal skull project myself and I was wandering why artists choose to present skulls as an art form. What's your opinion, if you don't mind me asking :)
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Thank you. :)

I don't mind your asking, but I don't really have an opinion. I got into skull carving by accident, so to speak, when a friend gave me a damaged coyote skull that had washed out of a clay bank in the winter rains. I cleaned up the skull, trimmed down sharp edges, polished it up a bit, and made it my sales booth mascot. Having done the clean-up carving, I found myself thinking about the aesthetic balance of the damaged skull, and did some decorative carving, and made it a carved stone eye which I thought was appropriate for a booth mascot and respectful of the spirit of the animal. Then someone wanted to buy it for a lot of money, and persuaded me to sell it. Another friend then bought me some skulls as a replacement. And so I got into the skull carving business.
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So I guess sometimes things just fall into place... And in your case the result is some unique pieces of art! Thanks for sharing your story, I really appreciate it! :) Keep up the mind-blowing work :)
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i like animals skull :D
This is so cool.
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Ciao Don!
As usual, an other masterpiece, but giant this time.
I guess it's quite heavy to manipulate while working.... More than 30 kg?
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Hi! I'm glad you like it. I am hoping to see more art by you here. :)

It's much heavier than other skulls I've worked with, though I didn't weigh it. However, it turned out to be much easier to manipulate that I had anticipated.
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Beautiful carvings!
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Definitely looks capable of magic.......... 7@=Q
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