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Bronze Abstract 03

By DonSimpson
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A pendant carved from a bronze splash. About 1-1/2 inches high.
The front is shown on the left, and the back on the right.
The design is abstract, but is intended to look like it looks like something, without actually looking like any particular thing. :)
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When I saw it, I immediantely though it is holy some way. I dont know why, but it give me a warm, protected feeling :)

A absolute perfect amulet!
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A bronze splash?
Is that where you melt the bronze and drop it into a bucket of water? (My teacher calls that splash casting)
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In this case, the melted bronze landed on the ground. The flatter side on the right (the back) is where it rested on the ground while cooling; the rounded shapes on the left (the front) are the individual droplets running together, but solidifying midway through. After which I removed parts that weren't well-fused, or were harsh-textured (or pointy, where droplets flew off and their trails solidified before they could be re-absorbed), or just didn't look good. Then I carved it. The splashing happened at a small bronze foundry, and I got a little bag of splashy bits from them. Most were too delicate for making jewelry, but I liked the shapes.
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cool. i like accidents & organic random shapes & the ability to accommodate them into designs :)
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Thank you. Making a design from the shape of an object is an important part of my work.
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I love the touch of design in to the abstract form. It allows the eye to see many things.
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I see a spirit in a headdress pouring water from a pitcher. On the right view anyway.

The left...a wolf eating a shooting star.

How does one go about carving bronze? Just curious.
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I can't make out the spirit. I can see the wolf eating the shooting star. This is fun.

For the carving I used small tungsten carbide cutters and a high-speed micromotor.
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Ah! Now I see the spirit. Very nice!
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Ooooo...sounds like fun! I wonder if my FlexShaft amchine would have enough power for that. I'd think it would...must investigate...
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There are a few heavily carved spots, but generally the carving was for details; the original shape of the splash is mostly still there. Carving this from a block of bronze would have been an insane amount of work.
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It looks like an angel blowing soap bubbles ;)

Yes, I know what you're thinking. My psychiatrist says the same thing =p
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My psychiatrist is psychic ;)
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I'll say! I went to FurCon and there was the Drama Llama (one of nearly 250 fursuited characters that were there; it was amazing). Now I'm waiting for the potato salad. :)
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The potato salad did show up, by the way. And it was good. :)
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The same thing? Even the giant replica of a llama and the potato salad? Wow! :)

Actually, now that you mention it, I can see an angel blowing soap bubbles there, though I'm not sure it's the same angel you see. :)
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