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Bobcat 01

By DonSimpson
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A carved bobcat skull strung on a cord with selected bone beads. The skull is abour 4-1/2 inches long.
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the first and favprite piece i ever saw!
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It's awsome! How did You get a bobcat skull?
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Thank you. :)

I get skulls from several places: The Bone Room [link] (a store in my area), taxidermists I have found on deviantART (such as Zhon and Morrokko), eBay, people (including myself) who find them in the wild, and people who get them from unknown places and have me carve them. This skull was from The Bone Room.
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Oh, I wish shop like this was in my country :( But it's not. I envy You :P And You did a great work. It's beautiful. :)
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Are you sure there isn't one? Anyway, I am indeed fortunately located for skull shopping. And I'm glad you like my work.
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Yes, I am sure :( I can buy skulls only on pages like eBay but skulls are really rare.
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Well, there are the deviantART taxidermists; you can ask them for advice on getting skulls (I've bought skulls from some of them). Here are some that I know of, there are probably a lot more:

AcidConfetti [link]
Morrokko [link]
Zhon [link]
Minotaur-Queen [link]
Illahie [link]
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Yes but is illegal to but skulls from other countries - that's the problem. I can get some skulls but anly from huntsman who get licence for killing animals and those skulls will belongs to deers, roe-deers, muflons, foxes, boars but I'm affraid this is all. It's almost impossible to get bobcat's or another carnivora.
Anyway thank You for help :) Pleace create more beautifull things with skulls and let me enjoy them :)
And sorry for my bad English ^^'
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I cannot get some kinds of skulls where I live, due to the laws, though I can get coyote and bobcat and various others. I find fox skulls good to carve.
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FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
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That's really neat!
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I love the pattern you carved in this one!
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This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Great job!
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Are you making your own beads?
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I almost always use commercial beads. When I need a bead I cannot find, I will make it myself.
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Oh, nevermind~ I read the comments. :C

I really wanted this one~ <3
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well, I should have another one in a while; not exactly the same, though.
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I look forward to it~ I adore your skull carvings. <3
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Wow, how gorgeous! Is this fellow for sale?
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