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Black Spiral Dancer Glyph

A stone carved with the Black Spiral Dancer glyph from the White Wolf World of Darkness RPG. The stone had been used as a weight for papers being spray-painted, and had developed a textured crust of pigments which I carved through into the stone; then I painted the carved areas. About two inches across.

I also carved the design into a plain black stone of the same shape, as a gift for an artist whose work I admire.
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This is... I don't have right words in english to describe it... I'll use my elvish - lirias (means "beautifull") :)
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The design is by someone for White Wolf Games, one of the symbols used in Werewolf, The Apocolypse. I thought it was appropriate for the object.
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Good work , I live white wolf 
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I admire the richness and detail of the original White Wolf World of Darkness.
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Wow, nice job!
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Awesome. Beautiful work man :D
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All hail the Bastard Father!

Well done on this. Looks like it took much time and lots of patience!
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Very crisp work! What do you use to carve the stones?
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For carving through a crust of old paint, an X-acto knife works fine. For actual stone, I usually use diamond tools on a motor-driven flex-shaft, though some stones are soft enough to carve with a knife.
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Awesome. Thanks!
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wonderful work
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Absolutely amazing. My type of work / taste. It just springs to life with an innate vibrancy
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making something out of nothing, and making it awesome to boot! way to go.
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Looks like something a demon warrior would wear,because of the colors and shape of the design.Nice Work!
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It's pretty much canon White Wolf - World of Darkness. Fan art of a sort.
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Ahh,I see now.
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Wow... that's awesome!
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Insane werwolves, yahuu!
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