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At The Wicked Plants Show



This is me at the Wicked Plants exhibit that was held at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. "Wicked Plants" is a popular book about poisonous plants, and at the exhibit many of the plants were on display.… However, I am leaning against some historic decor installed for the show, at one side of the plant displays. I was with the mostly steampunk group that went there some months earlier and, as on that occasion, we held a time travelers picnic in the surrounding gardens and then toured the Conservatory, a beautiful, Victorian-style glass building.… The stuff under my feet is part of the actual floor.

The watch chain, the watch case… and the eyeglasses are vintage, clothing is modern-made retro-style. Everything I'm wearing was acquired used, at prices ranging from free to cheap, except for the walking stick, which I made. The Conservatory was giving free tickets to people whose outfits went well with the exhibit decor, and I got one. :)

UPDATE: By request, some info about the necktie:… Also, if you look carefully, the points of my wing-tip collar are just visible at the bottom fringe of my beard. :) And here is a group shot from the first Time Travelers' Picnic:…
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You look great sir! I have to say - You are mentor in skull-carving Art! :) Can't wait to share some of things by my making, that You have inspired! Thank U. "Live long and prosper" - Vulcan saying from Star Trek series...