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Antler Eye Pendant 4

Pendant made from the base of a deer antler and set with a glass taxidermy lynx eye. About 1-1/2 inches high. The eye is set from the back and sealed in with clear glass microbeads to transmit light.
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I appreciate your artwork. Can you tell me your necklace price range(like this kind of eye necklace)?
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I will answer this in my reply to your note. :)
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where do you sell your artwork?
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Mostly at a few conventions and festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area, though I sell a few items to people on deviantART by mail order.
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Aw man, I wish I could have a pendant like this. I'd wear it all the time.
Excellent and creative job. (:
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All my eye pendants are sold, but I hope to make more.
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I figured as much, they are amazing looking. I'll have to start watching out for any more you make.
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so cool.. a reptilian alien's eye..:)
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Thanks again, much appreciated!

And it carves beautifully. I've managed to polish a piece down to a glassy smoothness.
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I'll send you a note with my mailing address. :)
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I finally found an antler! Would it be ok if I tried to carve something like this, giving you credit, of course?
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You should read this first: [link]
At least for the safety precautions.

It is totally OK for you to do something like this; I certainly didn't invent pendants that look like eyes. :)

Anyway, I would like to see your result, and I'd be delighted if you gave credit for inspiration.
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Thanks for the precaution article! I already use all of this PPE, but a specific word or two about calcium-based carvings is appreciated.

I'm actually going to hold off on the eye pendant for a little while. I've been meaning to carve an otter-totem-pendant for a while, and have been needing a water-resistant material, and antler's perfect for this (carving some preactices out of wood first).

Thanks for the support, I can't wait to get started!

By the way, I find a ton of relatively fault-free jet around where I live(I test this by dropping each piece repeatedly on a rock). Would you like me to send you a few pieces at some point in the future? Most of the pieces are at least the size of a golf ball.
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I figure it's better to tell someone something they already know than not tell them something they don't.

Some jet could be useful, depending on how well it carves. I'd appreciate having some to try.
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these pieces of art are incedible. im sure you get this alot. i love finding unique art forms like this. your truly gifted. i have a few bones, antlers and skulls my dad has brought back from hunting. iv always wanted to paint them but i really likethis idea. im just innexpierienced at carving. andim not even sure of your process. if your willing to share your experties id really like to know how its done. thank you so much for your time.
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Thank you. :) I have some explanation of how I do my carving here: [link]

If you have questions after reading that, send me a note. :)
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thank you for the helped alot. its a beautiful art you do. i was also looking into articulating. but i didnt know wear to start. i wanted to start small with things like chicken bones. but idk.
DonSimpson's avatar
I've never been interested in articulating bones, so I have no useful advice to give. Chicken bones can be very greasy until you have cleaned them (which you will want to do thoroughly with any bones, for any purpose; putrid bones are no fun), but they seem like a good size to start with. One artist I know, Bonnie Dalzell, put together a mouse skeleton (not articulated, just glued), which was a lot of _very_ tiny bones. Anyway, good luck.
jsmokey49's avatar
thank you :) and hey! idk were you live but i found a poor dead porcupine on the side of the road. a taxadurmy friend of mine is taking it but he always keeps the bones for any purpose. (usually donates them to schools) but i was wondering if you wanted the skull. iv never seen a porcupine skull and i thought you might be interested. ill send yuou pics when its done.
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Well, I'd like to see the pics at least. :)
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This is really awesome. Creepy in a good way. I wish I had one of these!
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Think you. :) They tend to sell very quickly, but I'll be making more.
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