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All Seeing Eye

Pendant of carved and blackened teakwood with blackened walnut wood back plug. Inserted from the back of the pendant, flat face forward, is a plano-concave lens, and behind that, an eye-like structure of brass, nickel, and deep red dichroic glass; then the opening in back is plugged. Looks nicer in real life, where the 3D effect of the lens can be seen. About 2.5 inches in diameter.

Inspired by The All-Seeing Eye of Agamoto, worn by Steve Ditko's comic book character Doctor Strange. I always figured it was part of a set that included The All-Tasting Tongue of Aji-No-Moto....
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Do you do belt buckles like this or antler base belt buckles?
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I haven't, but I possibly could, depending on how large a buckle you wanted, what parts are available to me, and other such considerations. We can discuss this if you send me a note with the deviantART note system.
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I was thinking of a 2 1/2" to 3" diameter brass/bronze/horn base buckle with a goat eye.
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Well, I don't have the tools to make such a thing, though I wish I did; it would be awesome. And I would need to buy materials. The All Seeing Eye was done because I had all the parts for it on hand, and I do have the tools to carve the teakwood and walnut parts. I am working on getting access to better tools, but that will take a while.
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so monumental... :)
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Beautiful work. I love the color contrast to the black wood
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this is an amazing piece of art work. :D
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Thank you, that's as intended. :D
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:D I can see that :wave:
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I like the eye you made for this one:)
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Thank you. I'm still hoping to get photos of a couple of my better eye pendants.
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You know, I want the glove that must be part of the set....
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hehe, wonderful work here, so unique and original. I love it
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You know I love this.
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Heh, heh, heh.... :)
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