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In love with the sea

By DonPixe
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Pastel colours, behold! I finally, finally saw Ponyo on Saturday and ohgod Fujimoto.

I'd fallen in love with him even before I saw the movie and he WAS adorable, and so was the beautiful Gran Mamare and them together and the whole movie. :love:

I love how the water was animated.

Ponyo (c) Ghibli
art (c) me
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I wish this was a print - it's so classy! The fist time I've ever seriously wanted fanart to hang on my wall.
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The colors are beautiful. She's lovely !
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nice,i love it.
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the colors are just perfect and the pose!jsdf
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I LOVE IT!!! =*w*=
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That's lovely~ It is water colors?
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This is beautiful. I love Fujimoto. He is pretty attractive. I wish they showed how Fujimoto and Gran Mamare first met each other. I would have loved to have seen that.
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Love this! Very raw and creative style. Love the colors and the sweet emotion between the two. :)
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oh, so wonderful!
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ughh omg omg

i don't know what to say
-at a loss for words-
; o;
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Your title is perfect - he really is in love with Gran Mamare both as a person and as the embodiment of the sea. It reminds me of the quote about Calypso, from Pirates of the Caribbean 2. ("I heard it was the sea he fell in love with." "Same story, different versions - and all are true. It was a woman as harsh and changing and untamable as the sea.")
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That's such a wonderful thought. I had a personal experience of "falling in love" with the sea which might've been on the background. Thank you for a lovely comment!
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You're most welcome! :ahoy:
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Please excuse me for commenting since we don't know one another, but this picture is truly lovely and perfectly expresses the oddly-matched love between him and the Lady...
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No need for formalities, thank you for such a lovely comment! I appreciate it! :)
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'tis a lovely work, truly. And that is pastel? It has the look of watercolor! Pastel is a hard medium; you should be proud you work it so well!
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It's watercolour and pencils. The rough texture can fool you... : ) Thank you so much!
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Don't thank me 'cause I was merely speaking the truth. A truly beautiful work of art... and I adore watercolors. Lovely.
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Oh, this is gorgeous~
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I wanna see it again now- I got mad when it was but wasn't out in theaters so I bought the sub instead.
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