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Phoney Icons

These are my additions to Matthew Rex Downham's Phoney icons to match the Iconfactory's Flurry icons. This first collection includes: Espresso, CSS Edit, Echofon, Cyberduck, Cloud App, Picasa, Colors,, a home icon based on the iPhone's home button, and lastly a custom icon I use for one of the networked drives on my server--Big Dipper. Be sure to go download the Iconfactory's Flurry sets as well as the Matthew's custom additions.

Flurry - [link]
Flurry Extras - [link]
Flurry Extras 2 - [link]
Flurry Ramp Champ -[link]
Phoney I & II - [link]
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Try here for the Phoney Icons: [link]
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Thanks for this!!
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Really nice job! It seems that the Phoney I & II link is dead though ... is there any update?
Better than originals, great job mate :D
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Great job on the CSSEdit icon! Exactly what I was looking for.
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Where can I get the template ?
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Awesome work mate; really thankful for you making the espresso and cssedit ones, they're brilliant and a lifesaver!
P.s. I'm using the ipod home button thing as my Finder icon: loving it! :D
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Sweet work mate! I can see these have been lovingly crafted. What's the colours app? Horrible name - virtually un-googlable.
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ah there was supposed to be a link...
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Oh, what a groovy little app. Thanks! :)

By the way, have you thought about making a fontcase icon? Been trying to find one suitable, but no luck. (not expecting anything - just thought I'd ask)
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Check Phoney I & II - [link]
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