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First of all, COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN. If you see something you like, get in touch!

Now, I was thinking that since I have work in several styles and some of it even falls into very different categories and aesthetics, I'm establishing a weekly schedule, just for the fun it and to keep myself somewhat organized with my posts. So...

Mondays -  Digital color and Commisioned Work
There's just tons of stuff that I can share, so buckle up. :lol:

Tuesdays - WIP's
Work in Progress. Whatever the heck I'm working on, I'll share it on Tuesdays :crazy:

Wednesdays - Traditional Media
So I've been drawing and painting a lot lately, or at least as much as I can between tasks. For me, it's a whole new exploration on drawing, painting and matter. An excercise of freedom that goes further than anything I've done before. I'll share it all on Wednesdays.

Thursday - Turbo Defiant
Thor & Jupiter days will belong to :horns: Turbo Defiant :horns:, my beloved and still ongoing digital graphic novel. Everyday getting closer to the finish line and currently working on book two for it's printed release. Lost of stuff as well.

Fridays - Digital Illustration
Digital galore of all sorts. I still love doing digital pieces, but I'm getting weirder... you'll see :psychotic:

Saturdays - Sketches!
Studies, quickdrawings, and all kinds of sketches will fall into this day.

Sundays - Turbo Defiant Update
New pages of Turbo Defiant will be uploaded on this day every week. The story continues and for those who don't want to go anywhere to read it, everything will be eventually right here on DA.

And that's it! 

Posting daily is something I've never even tried before, so I hope I can organize myself to make it a habit. :fingerscrossed: 

I did an experiment a few years back and it transformed my life entirely, now I just can't stop it and ideas keep coming in from (what I can sense as) three different directions. Hopefully in a couple of months you'll see what I mean.

In the meantime my friends... Hocus Pocus!

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Hey fellas!

Just to let you know that I'll be attending to this week's Anaheim WonderCON. I'll be bringing Turbo Defiant Book 1 with me along a whole bunch of other cool stuff -hopefully I'll have a chance today to post some of it. :3 -

Hope to see some of you there, Look for Fixion's table 104 in the Small Press Section, k?

Dang! This is my very first time attending a show in the US, soooo...  EXCITING!!! :D

Turbo ON!
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How's it going?

It's been such a long time, shit, years actually! Things have changed so much in my life and there's so much to write about, but I'll focus on the substance cause unfortunately, one thing has managed to remain the same: time is always against me.

Let's sum it up, emoticons included!

1.- I Left Marvel by the last quarter of 2012 and I don't plan to do digital colors for a living anymore. I'll post my favourites here, though... for all you who dig. Heart 

2.- Earned a grant that helped me continue with the production of Turbo Defiant, my graphic novel throughout 2013.:headbang: 

3.- Went nuts (again), sold my apartment and invested it in creating my own publishing company: FIXION Narradores here in Mexico, but we're publishing our titles in both Spanish and English. Mustache 

3.5.- That means Turbo Defiant is finally printed and now I have almost four thousand deluxe hardcover books to sell!! I'm on fire! 

4.- Went back to traditional painting and I just love it. Acrylics, oils, ink, watercolors…everything! Lots of fun. I'll post all of it here Nod 

5.- Now I've -also- a rent to pay, but I'm obsessed with the idea of making a living out of whatever I can create. It hasn't been easy so far and my finances are quite thin, but I feel that something great is about to happen so I'm persistent. Hope I'm not mistaken, cause I need to eat Hungry  lol. 

There, five points…not bad.

Thanks kindly to you all who take the time to read this journal of mine. It's my sincere wish that this years brings to you all great wisdom and health to get the most and best out of it. A positive mind is required as first step, so let's be positive together.

Un abrazo,

  • Listening to: the flesh of the gods
  • Eating: nothing, going hungry in 5, 4, 3...
Should I stay or should I go?