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Turbo Defiant -Page 1

By DonoMX
Chapter I: Wake Up, Time to Live - page 1


Turbo ON!
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I like the details and the colors. It works really well together :)
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Whoa nely! This looks amazing 8D
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THANK you, hope you like the story too :aww:
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man this looks interesting. Excellent colors. ^^
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Thank you! :aww:
I have been publishing it since January and I'm pouring all sorts of wacky things into it. :psychotic:
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That's a fantastic comic you have going,read through whole thing.=)
Wonderful style and story!
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Thank you so much for giving it the chance. I'm so happy you like it!

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No problem dude,i'd love to be able do something like that.=)
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Featured on my small-time blog here: [link]
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thank you ^^
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OMG! I gotta go tell the others! *his soul ascends to heavens* ... (this is greatly done and has some unique ideas, who thought of a humanoid cat that is actualy a kid in disguise? :) )
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dun thank me, was just being honest ;)
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YEAH! luv this one so intense! make him waer a panda costume next time!
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that would be huge haha! :XD:

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be kind to animals :(
DonoMX's avatar
Sure, he's no animal :)
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very nice details!! i love how you can see the boys face pressing against the inside of the cat's costume!!
:ahoy: the boy being actuallt torn out of his costume was EPIC!! :clap: very well done!!
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Thank you!

I love that panel too, I found underlaying objects interesting to do
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:) Two Thumbs UP!!
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Wwwaaaa... It's amazing!
:woohoo: Congrats! :star:
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Thank you, I'll post more pages from now on. have to give myself time for it
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