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Hey guys! I've decided to leave this around just for future references. Right now my schedule is already full (sorry I have a lot of things to do), but I've opened a waitlist just in case anyone's wants to be next. ;;


- Half body: 17€ (includes transparent/patterned background)
- Full body: 21€ (includes transparent/patterned background)

Final battle by donnita-samaMay I? by donnita-sama
Cravings by donnita-samaThere you are! by donnita-sama
Here are some examples of my art. I follow a similar colouring pattern in all of them, but please let me know if you have any preference in particular.

- Extra characters: +8€ /half-body) or +10€ (fullbody) per extra character
Extra objects (plushies, food, armors, swords, etc.): 1-2€ depending on difficulty
- Detailed backgrounds: 3-5€ depending on difficulty

1 slot = 1 commission
I only accept Paypal ATM

RULES are the next ones. Please make sure to read them carefully:

* You can ask for changes/edits if you are not satisfied with the results during the next 24h once the commission is finished.

* You are free to use the images as you please, as long as it does not involve reselling the commission itself again:
- Merchandising purposes increase the price by x 3.

* The image file's size will be around 1200×1700 and will be watermarked in a minimal way [art by donnita-sama] in case it's fully uploaded. If it's an icon banner, etc. and happens to be cropped it's fine.

* Payment goes first. If you've had bad experiences in the past with other artists you can pay me after I finish your commission; I will send you a message and you'll have 72h to do the payment. The thing is, I won't upload anything until I receive the payment.
If you do not show up by then you will be permanently banned from commissioning me.

* I work better when I spend the time I consider the best [do not rush me]. I'll take max. 1-2 months per commission, which means you'll have the option to refund if I haven't finished the work by that time. Otherwise, no refunds.

* You can only cancel commissions as long as I have not started working on them. You'll know when I'll start cause I'll notify you.
If you decide to cancel once I've started working on it and without paying, you will be permanently banned from commissioning me.

TO ORDER A COMMISSION send me a note with the next information about the character/s you want to be drawn:

1. Type of commission (background and objects as well)
2. Coloured reference
3. Personality (can be very briefly)
4. Do you want any expression in particular? Yes ... / No
5. Do you want any pose/angle in particular? Yes .../ No
6. Your PayPal so I can send you a receipt


1. JakeTheChild 
2. JakeTheChild 


❤ Please contact me if you have any doubts left, and my apologies if my English isn't on point!