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USS Allegiance Reworked by DonMeiklejohn USS Allegiance Reworked :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 274 30 USS Tempest by DonMeiklejohn USS Tempest :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 191 31 USS Bat' leth by DonMeiklejohn USS Bat' leth :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 128 23 Shuttlecraft Hollows by DonMeiklejohn Shuttlecraft Hollows :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 74 20 USS Dawn by DonMeiklejohn USS Dawn :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 242 64 USS Salvation - Tug by DonMeiklejohn USS Salvation - Tug :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 224 44 USS Trident Timeship by DonMeiklejohn USS Trident Timeship :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 199 27 rIvSo Cruiser by DonMeiklejohn rIvSo Cruiser :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 185 35 USS Plaustrum by DonMeiklejohn USS Plaustrum :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 187 16 USS Grissom by DonMeiklejohn USS Grissom :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 194 16 U.S.S Prophecy by DonMeiklejohn U.S.S Prophecy :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 151 30 USS Meridian by DonMeiklejohn USS Meridian :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 166 20 USS-Ellipse-Teaser by DonMeiklejohn USS-Ellipse-Teaser :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 32 10 Romulan-Warbird-Vokar by DonMeiklejohn Romulan-Warbird-Vokar :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 155 22 Scrapped Design - USS Centaur by DonMeiklejohn Scrapped Design - USS Centaur :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 46 10 USS TALON   NX - 238486 by DonMeiklejohn USS TALON NX - 238486 :icondonmeiklejohn:DonMeiklejohn 85 12


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USS Allegiance Reworked
The USS Allegiance.  Reworked from a sketch done back in 2002.
The main feature of the Allegiance is the Variable Warp Wing.  The nacelles will close to create a stable warp field similar to the USS Voyager warp assembly.
The warp wing is jettisonable via magnetic clamps and will drop clear from the primary hull. The warp wing can be piloted so it can be re-attached if necessary.
The main warp core is horizontal and stored within the warp wing.
I also designed the star trek insignia into the ships design just in front of the main bridge.
The original design also had a read shuttle bay but to make for easier deployment od the warp wing this shuttle bay was removed.
The are 3 deflectors - one visible on the saucer section. The other two are positioned at the front of the lower hull which is split in the catamaran style similar to the upper hull.
The Allegiance has support craft of the Runabout Capricorn and other shuttlecraft from my old sketches.
I hope you like my old design the USS Allegiance.
USS Tempest
The USS Tempest.   Original concept attached below in this sketch and in my folio.  
She was drawn over 10 years ago now so I decided to refresh the image from its old coloured pencil sketch.
The ship is based around a squid shaped primary hull with a primary sensor dish at the leading edge of the ship.
Primary impulse is tucked away under the rim of the main saucer just below the top shuttle bay.  Back up impulse reactors are located on the saucers leading edge.
The the original design the main bridge was forward of the central deflector at the front of the saucer, but I have now moved it to the top of the ship in a primary location.
There are 4 forward torpedo launchers at the front of the saucer, and two rear launchers along the rear spine of the secondary hull.

An old design but one of my favourites.
USS Bat' leth
Here is the cleaner version of the USS Bat'leth, Territory Class. NCC - 76467.
Wanted to create an original design and since Star Trek ships are moving away from the classic saucer, I tried something new.
Based around the time of the USS Enterprise E but with the size similar to the D.
The colour bands house the escape pods, with each one being the size of a cargo container. This is to allow more mission flexibility so they can be used to distribute food/medical supplies to planets and outposts as well as for mass evacuations.
Being Captain Worf's new ship I decided to give it a more aggressive posture - the upward swept wings like a bird of prey and the angular saucer.
Shuttlecraft Hollows
The Shuttlecraft Hollows - assigned to the Federation Tug the USS Salvation.
This shuttle was designed to combine the flexibility of a shuttle with the towing capacity of a Work Bee.
The Cargo attached to the rear of the shuttle ready for towing.
It is the smaller variant of the Type 7 shuttle from the TNG era and named after the famous eye surgeon Dr Fred Hollows.
Access to the shuttle is from either port or starboard gangways.  The deflector is located under the vessel forward retractable landing gear.

I wanted to design the shuttle to fit into the TNG era but to be a more short range shuttle.
I started with the nacelles sitting on the ground but thought it looks more dynamic from the top and gives more ground clearance when landing.
Hope you like her.
USS Dawn
The USS Dawn.

Cousin the the USS Prophecy (with origins based on the Miranda class) is a Temporal Starship. 
The Upper Emitter is the Temporal Generator which projects the time vortex ahead of the vessel. A ship this large requires forward and aft sub light engines (red glow on rear nacelle fin and at each side of the saucer).
As with the USS Prophecy, the textured dark grey panels are phaser emitters.  Able to fire at any point along the surface.  The main bridge is raised above the primary hull.
Environmental dome on the upper and underside of the saucer.

I just wanted the design to flow with each panel merging into the next. Geometric hull detailing is added to make some contrast. 

I actually designed her whilst sitting at my Mums bedside when she was in the ICU.  That is why her name is on the ship.  The U.S.S. Dawn

Hope you like her.


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Drawing is my relaxation and always enjoy coming up with vehicles and creatures that haven't been seen before.


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Impressive collection of unique designs. Good hand and eye, very talented. well done!
DonMeiklejohn Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks LordSchtupp - much appreciated
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Nice works on your side!
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Thanks! Appreciate it
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