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quick one from today. Couldn't resist to start the week with a personal quick one :D
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The foreground landscape looks a bit... trollish. I hope the brave lad on the horse ain't in trouble ;)
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This yellow light is beautiful, a little scary place, but with this light, i feel the quietude surrounds the place.
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Thanks so much!!!!
Shadow of the Colossus...
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Looks really amazing!
I like each little detail you make in your works!And the athmosphere is really wonderful too!
Oh,I have a question,do you usually make your landscapes black and white and when you're done,you colour it or you make make it with normal colours?
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Thanks a lot!!!!

I don't do often b/w sketches and color them. If I do it then just for characters. When painting a landscape I pretty much have a color palette in mind. But those palette changes during the painting. And I'm using a lot the color balance tool:)
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Yeeeep, nothing like starting the day with a quickie!
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No better way to do it :)
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cool wie immer :D
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Can I steal from you? hahaha

Awesome work! Do you create a pencil sketch as a first step?
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LOL! For sure - why not:)

Thanks again and again:) Mostly blocking in rough shapes and trying to see something. Only for characters I start with some pencil work
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