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and back to landscapes. Felt good after a bunch of T3A paintings :)
Hope you'll like it.
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Woa, this is an awesome landscape! It gives the same feel of painting on canvas! Really well done :D
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Thanks so much!!!!! Much appreciated!
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You are most welcome!
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Just been looking at a place in Lybia thats just like this but sand not water, looked just like it when it was small :nod:
Like the scale, your works look much more 'real' than any other digital artist iv seen.. its very impressive.. you must think alot about things you see in life like geology and materials.... good observation :clap:
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Thanks for the kind words!
Well - I still believe that any information and creative influence is "out there".
one of the important things - for me as an artist - is the ability to "see" and to "understand". The rest is just craft.
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Yea, were always drawing on the vast sea of knowlage, just most remain unawair of there own minds.
Understanding or as i think of it connective ability is crucial.. we must consider what we see or we never understand it or its place in the world :-)

Have a great day :sun:
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Amazing! Provoking a sense of immensity
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Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! This is amazing. Love it.
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The shapes/textures of the rocks are really good
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Thanks a lot :)
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I like this, very cool.
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Thanks a bunch!
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I do like it man, i like it a lot.
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Thanks a ton!
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