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Amazing work!
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YellowSkullStudent Digital Artist
Good work!
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WynterLegendProfessional General Artist
Sweet mother of acrylics, this is phenomenal!
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PACEEIONHobbyist General Artist
I really like this I was woundering if u could give me some drawing tips on doing back ground I am a traditional artist and I suck real bad I am hopeing to improve any advice would be greatly appreciated 
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Jamos2007Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heroism all the way with this
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SkvorProfessional Digital Artist
colors are definitely nice, and dat little twig 
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Fuck yeah, fuckin' come  here, and I'll give ya a taste >:)
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Loving the basket hilt rapier :)
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Yay!  I love the feel of this one.  Yes, I'm a medieval history nut.
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Elderscroller Digital Artist
That is weird...I had a dream yesterday with the same scene, environment and composition that I wanted to make a speedpainting of today. Mine was just flipped horizontally and a bit more gothic medieval (with plate armor) with a slightly greener surrounding :D
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do you use photoshop

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Donmalo, I've followed your work before I started in dA, I've always been atonished by your compositions and your way os introducing the viewer into the scenery but you impressed me even more today with this one. I don't know if people, or yourself, agree with me but I believe it's one of your best works. Nothing in this out of the place, everything is naturally composed. The warrior in the foregorund has a deep stroke on the viewer who could regard himself as a companion or even the "protagonist", then you see the first one on the background, drive to him by the sword. Really ingenious and natural, I'm suprised how nicely I was taken from a foreground to the background so easily. Maybe is the mist, maybe is the composition in its all, maybe because it's sofly to not very bright lit, maybe the textures don't look forced... all of it, the work itself, it's amongst the best I've ever seen.

Thanks so much for this work, wonderful! Keep on doing art! :)
Your work always makes me wonder about the story behind the pictures. Oh, the things I'd give to see you paint a narrative series...
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I just love the composition in this. You see hardly nothing of the warrior in the foreground yet his placement says it all, and leads the eye further into the picture. It's simple and ingenious. The muted autumn colours and the mist sets a nicely quiet scene for a tense encounter. :heart: My only complaint is very minor and probably the fault of dA. There is a pale 'halo' around all objects similar to what you get when you over sharpen images in Photoshop. It's a tiny bit distracting.
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My name is inigo montoya
You keeled my father
Prepare to die.

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GilatarStudent General Artist
Man, all of your art has a very distinctive cinematic look to it. It is astounding and very inspiring to someone who hasn't got a clue how to start off with digital art. I hope to be able to do something like this one day.
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nsohio44890Hobbyist Photographer
when are we going to have a tutorial video ;)
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noro8Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work...!
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DDD: ...

he's left handed!
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QuatnesHobbyist Digital Artist
My question: HOW ?!
You got nice brushes .. rly
Nice pic.
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ZurthuryxProfessional Writer

Wow. I love the suspense in this piece. I love how there is light in the middle and how it gets darker on the sides. I also like how the faces of the figures in it are covered a little. This makes it mysterious. It also reminds me a little of the opening to the novel I wrote (this is not a cheap advertisement. It actually is kind of similar to it). Good work.

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 Md'Artagnan challenges the unknown with his traditional gascon haste. 
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clamor vs rapier i wonder who wins?
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