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They're after you

And you better hide. You don't want the Poenies to get angry.

Based on the scene of an upcoming chapter of [link] .

I swear to god I'll never get the hang of pony eyes. No, really. I'll draw their skeleton before I ever do their eyes right. See? I did it already.

Poeny design based on that of a Poe: [link](Twilight_Princess).png

Two sketches this time:
[link] -> Applebloom+ bush
[link] -> Poeny
MLP @Hasbro
Backdrop @Hasbro (Will likely create one of my own a little later)
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I had completely forgotten how creepy they were.
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Tell me about it, especially in Twilight Princess.
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poenies! i see what you did there! All you need is a bottle!
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You got a Poeny's Soul! Set it to C<, C> or CV to use it.
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What are they looking for? Does Apple Bloom have The one ring?
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The One Ring to rule them all! Or I'm thinking the Alicorn Amulet!
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Well, that'd be spoiling. :3
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. . . . Poe-nies. Oh my good gravy grappling grass-gnawing goombas, that is the most epic pun I have ever heard!!! That is so awesome, why have I never thought of that!!!

Now I really want there to be an applebloom zelda crossver fanfic where a CMC is actually repesenting link in some way instead of link (cause, you know, we love applebloom/ any one of the CMCs, and link can't talk, and when he does, he breaks character, even just having fanfics describing his thoughts)

oh, and I love the skeleton effect.

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just check one of the links in the description, it leads to fanfic of that exactly xD
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well, that one has link travelling to Equestria . . . is there one written where ponies take the place of the characters, like Applebloom is like Link, maybe Twilight or somepony is like princess Zelda, and like Discord is Ganondorf? I had read a cross-over before crossing ponies with paper mario, The thousand year door, where spike took the place of mario, and various other ponies replaced the other characters.
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Hm, not that I'm aware of. The thing about the one in the link is that Applebloom has her own side of the story (as in, it follows both the mane 6+Link's story and Applebloom's own story), so Applebloom technically becomes Link xD
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oh ... I must not be that far in the fanfic then.
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Yeah, Applebloom's part starts several chapters after the beginning.

>Cover blown
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(tee hee)
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Wooooaaaah that skeleton is SO COOL! I seriously can't stop looking at it xD
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Thank yooou x3
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Wooooah dude!
Isso tá muuiito bom 8U!
Muito com mesmo, esses esqueleto <333
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That is a little foreboding...Nice job.
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Mission accomplished, then! :D
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