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Original titles are overrated.

Dang, I thought I'd never finish this! Turns out Muro was hindering progress a little, so I changed over to GIMP and got it all done today!

This is related to a fanfiction on [link]

You can check the rough sketch of this here: [link] by clicking Redraw.

Applebloom is also best CMC. :3

Applebloom (C) Hasbro
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dammit I could have used that
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No need to swear, I was just offering my alternate title suggestion. You can use it, if you want to.
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Why buck apples when the boomerang can collect them for you?
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If AB bears the Triforce of courage does SB have wisdom?
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That would be the most obvious choice, but if you want to find out, check the fic :3
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I remember see this at the con! :D
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Soooo awesome <3
Adorei o efeito no boomerang : D
E a lineart <3
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Ehehehe, obrigado! <3
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Woah, very nice! It looks like an official show vector - I wish I could lineart nicely like that xD
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Thanks! Though I'm pretty sure you do them more nicely than me |D
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