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Free 45 Custom Shapes



This is completely FREEWARE (no payments are required).
The custom shape is not sold and is *STRICTLY* for NON-COMMERCIAL use or distribution.
(and i assume ya know the rules!~) :D


Instructions for the Photoshop CS2 Custom Shapes:

Put the "donkolondoy_customshapes.csh" file,
inside your "\Photoshop CS2\Presets\Custom Shapes\" folder,
then load them within the Custom Shapes dialog inside the program.


NOTE: (a) The Custom Shapes (donkolondoy_customshapes.csh) are compatible
with Adobe Photoshop CS2 *ONLY*! I'm not responsible
for damages due to previous versions of Photoshop, and/or other softwares.
(b) Thanks to all my watchers, friends and most especially to all PINOY deviants
who support my work!
(c) If you find these files useful, please link me back on your site
(It's not mandatory anyway).
(d) A total of 45 custom shapes.




someone reported that it doesn't work in cs3.. im so sorry..
i built this one in cs2.. pls bear with me.. thnk you..
haven't tried it in CS3 though.
© 2008 - 2021 donkolondoy
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will it work on cs5? if they don't, i'll install cs2 *-* cause they are fucking awesome!!!! thanks maaan!! :headbang:
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Haven't tried that in CS5. Shoot, give it a try. :)
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i've been looking for this... thank you for sharing this. :)
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Nice photoshop shapes don :)

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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supah nice dude, im loving all your works and i wanna learn from you..
pinoy here, can you teach me some...i'll very much appreciate you...
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thanks mate! ^^
really appreciate it.
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Super nice of you to share <3<3

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Lovely Shapes

Thank U

Keep It Up
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hey~~~ they're good!
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Works wonders in CS5 bro!
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this is cool. you thnk this would hurt a CS4?
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hvnt tried it in cs4 bro. did it in cs2.. try it for yourself. hehe
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it worked.. thanks for sharin it.. joga bonito!
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Used some of these shapes here [link]

Thanks so much they are great :)
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thanks!~ nicely done.. :thanks:
thanks a lot. I really appreciate your kindness.
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