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DaD|Reaper| Major General

Name: Reaper
Nick name: Baba Yaga (Boogeymen)
Rank: Major General
Gender: Stallion
Age:750 (looks 26)
Breed: Demon
Height: 22 hh
Sexual orientation: Mares



Coming soon

 Blood thirsty|Dominate|Aggressive|Dark|Manipulative| Merciless

Blood thirsty: Reaper lives to kill and demolish others life's. He fights for fun and kills for sport. He has no mercy for his pray. So don't think he would not mistreat you.

Dominate: Reaper is a dominate. He hates it when others think their better then him. He is 750 and has a lot of experience in battle. He will challenge any one to show them who is in charge. He only respects those in a higher rank then him.

Aggressive: Reaper was born aggressive. He is a very aggressive fighter and there will be blood spilled in every fight. He is very short tempered and likes to show it.

Dark: Reaper's heart is as dark as you can get. He dwells at night. Scaring the lower classes demons and horses as he is called the Boogeymen. Well that is what some call him. During the day he has a black fog coming out of his body keeping the sunlight away from his body.

Manipulative: Reaper can easily trick others. He finds it amusing to trick other in doing as he wishes.

Merciless: Reaper doesn't know the meaning of the word mercy. He doesn't care if other get hurt nor if they have a family. He sees mercy as a sign of weakness. So don't think he would ever show mercy towards you. He would only brake your pride.

History :

Reaper was born as a normal foal on a cold winter night. He was raised by his mother who was an slave for the herd. Life was hard for him as the demon foals used to tease him of being a foal of a slave. He was an outcast foal. He spent most of his time hiding from the demon foals in the shadows.
His mother loved him dearly. And felt bad that she could not help him to have a better life in the herd. His father was a demon soldier commander. He did not care about his slave foal, just because he was a non demon foal. Reaper hated it when others would mus use his mother for pleasure purposes.
One day he just lost his temper when a dunce of non demon and demon foals were picking on him. He attacked with no mercy and almost killed one of the foals. A year later his mother caught a deadly virus and with her last breath told Reaper that no matter what happens that he must stay good in his heart. Even if others may miss treat him.

Reaper kept to his mothers wish. He hated it when others call him a pathetic slave. He got teased a lot by the other adolescence. One day he walked into his father who was assigning adolescence for soldier training. He begged his father to give him a chance to get a better life. His father did not like the idea but he had promised Reaper's mother that he would only help him with one thing in his life.
Reaper learned fast and did a lot better then the other adolescence that picked on him. A few years later war had broken out over the land and the soldiers fought for their herd and their life's. Reaper was surrounded by enemy horses, he called out to the other adolescence that were near him for help...But they left him to be killed. They didn't show any sign of simpatico. The battle was over and peace had return to the land.
Reaper was killed and the skin on his face was eaten of by flock of crows. It was the night of the red moon, a dark force flew over the land. It stopped by Reaper's lifeless body. It felt the hate in his heart that drew it even closer to him. It entered his body, turning his heart black and it turned him into a demon. Her grow horns on his skeleton head. That night he returned to the herd. He wanted revenge on the adolescence that left him to die.
He knew that they were demons and can't die. The evil in his heart took away there souls when he ripped there heads off. Not much is know about Reapers past over the years. Only the stories of the Baba Yaga that will still the souls of those that disobey the rules of there jobs in the herd.

Some of his adulthood year are a mystery. Reaper is know by every one in the herd and many fears him for what he did to others. Reaper is working on coming a soldier Commander. He dwells the lands most at night. Some think he is a monster that can telleport through the shadows.. But that is just a story that is tolled, who knows if it is true or not.He soon became a Major General and is ready to serve Apollyn with great respect.


-Reaper has black fog that is always around him. It gives protection from the light.
-When other look into his eyes he can make them see there worst fear.
-The blood coming out of his skull is poison.
-He can suck the soul's out of others.

20 xp/GOLD

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oh my gosh he is so stunning *_* Ragdoll really loves him <3
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Haha I love his new design a lot better then his old one :D
Reaper also still loves Ragdoll
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he is awseome :D
Radgoll loves her man XD promise I will awnser the rp when I get time on da back and not just ten minutes --' sorry for that
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It no problem :D
Take all the time you need :hug:
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wow he looks awesome!
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Oh he's lookin' super sexy! 
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I sure don't want this guy living under my bed *-*
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*Scared to death of him now*
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You're welcome! :meow:
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Love this guy's design! And his name fits him well :D 
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Thank you. I'm glad with the way he turned out XD
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Ha ha it is kind of chilly XD
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