What is your favorite Flash game genre?
291 votes
Tower Defence
Top-down shooter
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By Donitz
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The horror one
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Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh, all of the above are excellent genres of games. :iconpervyfacederpy2plz:
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Trick question.
The answer of the true gamer is all of them.
Awesome Work.
Way to go!
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I see a lack of Launcher or Upgrade-based games. :3
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Oh yeah. But launcher games is a pretty niche category compared to for example Tower Defense games.
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I don't see an option for QWOPless Stairs with special appearances from Twilight Sparkle.

Just saying.
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Did you know that "Tower Defence" is copywrited?
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I really doubt it's copyrighted. Trademarked maybe. But not copyrighted.
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Yeah trademarked, sorry. Apple's been taking down apps that have that word
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Well, it would be Apple to reinforce silly trademarks.
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I'd say... how about a platformer with tower defense? :D
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I haven't seen any like that before. But it would be pretty nice if you like had towers that spewed out classical platformer enemies like goombas, and you had to stop all the heroes from reaching the other side of the screen.
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Now, I've seen similar ideas, towers stopping heroes from reaching the captivated princess etc.
Making it more platform dependent (heroes jumping across platforms, enemies and towers targeting platforms below or above etc) and giving the player a really big arsenal is how I see a new game in this genre ;)
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Ah, ai players jumping between platforms. I have been considering making a platformer pathfinder for such a task, but hell it's hard to figure out how it would work. Just the falling physics themselves introduce tons of problems that are very hard to overcome. And bruteforcing it is out of the question.
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I... dunno really, make invisible markers at the end of platforms and check collisions? Heavy algorithmics was never my forte ^^;
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It's easy enough in tile-based games where you try to estimate the fastest root based on a current cost and estimated remaining cost algorithm (a*). But 2d platforming just have me stumped. Well, almost. It's not too hard to make a pathfinder in which the computer players always jump in a pre-specified pattern, eg. max 4 blocks high, 1 block forward. Then it is possible to build a node map of the level which tells you exactly how you can move, and use a* on it.

But when you consider that you may have to jump down from cliffs, go backwards and land on a platform under the cliff it just falls apart.
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Ok. Where do I learn such things? Because although I perfectly understand what you're talking about, I wouldn't be able to reproduce even half of that :(
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a* is one of the most simple algorithms for pathfinding. [link]

It can be applied to just about any system where there are discrete tiles or positions. For example, I used it in my space station simulator game which used hexagonal tiles.
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