Story of the Blanks HD revamp and commisions

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Evening ladies and gentlemän.

For some time now :iconzulema:
and Long Tale Animation has been working on a HD remake of the 8-bit game Story of the Blanks

A few months ago they released a really cool looking trailer/preview/video thingie of the game. They seem to be really talented and I don't doubt any game they make end up looking awesome.

They're currently searching for freelance work and to create commissions on the side of their day job so if you have something you'd like to get made, give her/them a comment. Here is another update video.

I'll also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made fanart/fics/stuff of Story of the Blanks, like :icontemplate93: who made an entire comic of the game.
And all the cool Story of Blanks by Slightly-Stratuscreepy <da:thumb id="251120802"/>  and inspired Box Mockup - Story of the Blanks by Lionheartcartoon stuff which is way too much to list here.

Though I may not comment that much I've seen it all and it's all truly wonderful!
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Sooo... I just went on to the homepage of the artist... and They got a C&D... Did you get in any trouble for your game?
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Do you mean this video?…

They said they were worried about getting a C&D in the future.
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Yeah, I missheard. Sorry about that.
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I would love a commission 
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I'll consider them for my OUYA "breakout" Title, J&J Boxes. Dev could start within a Month, Dev Cycle should be 4-8 Weeks and Budget starting at $800 plus Rev Sharing. They should have experience building for Multiplayer, though...
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That sounds like a cool idea. If you're targeting the Ouya you should make it work on regular Android devices as well, since it may not sell that well on the Ouya alone (even I have only tried trial games so far). Or just use Unity and release it for Ouya, iPhone, Android etc.
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LOL. I know! But if OUYA agrees to fully Fund Production, I'll have no choice but to give them Exclusivity for quite a while... On a particularly bitter note, my Nexus 7 2nd is due on Friday. I sooo want to Dev for Google Play now!

I might add I'm now not sure :iconzulema: does Game Dev, so that means the circle is complete... If I'm totally committed and dead-serious about it this time, Would you consider taking on this Game Dev Commission? I feel bad for all the times I've left you hanging in the past but I'd feel even worse if I didn't ask, since it's a paying proposition this time around...

And please don't think you would be taking work away from Ms. Zulema. I'm currently Offering her a Commission for the Cover/Poster Art for my other Game Dev Project, which is going for STEAM's Greenlight and my Indiegogo Campaign...
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Ah. I assume you're talking about the $1M free the games fund (… ). An ambitious plan, but you would have to receive at least $50.000 on Kickstarter first, which is a pretty major feat. I've seen several really cool games which haven't reached that goal.

Game Dev Commission. Well, while I'm still rather busy, as long as you got the graphical and sound assets I can put together a proper game for it in relatively short order. Especially something as straightforward as Breakout.
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Actually, I'm dealing Directly with OUYA. I've chosen Indiegogo over Kickstarter, anyway...

And thanks for letting me know! So I'll need to find a Graphic Artist and a Sound Engineer... What sort of take would you like on your end, as long as the Dev Cycle is under 2-3 weeks and no more than, say, 30-40hours? (I have no idea how long it might take to Code, but it's a fairly straightforward Game, so it might be less than that.) Oh! And I may have other means - perhaps through OUYA - but would you be willing to Consult on the GDD? You actually MAKE games, so I would be wise to draw from your experience in this matter. And it would help you to get a handle on how long it might actually take to Code in full... Did I mention it's for up to 12x Multiplayer?
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At the very least you'll need a graphical artist. It's easy to find CC licensed sound effects and music which you are allowed to use in commercial products. I do not really have any perspective on what kind of take is reasonable, since I have yet to program a professional game.

You would also have to decide upon a game engine to use. These are the major engines which work on OUYA:

   Adobe Air
   Game Maker

Most of them are cross-platform. Unity and MonoGame work on pretty much anything. Unity is a bit demanding performancewise but is the easiest and quickest to develop in (though it is optimized for 3D games). MonoGame is basically cross-platform XNA. Never tried Corona but it is also cross-platform. Game Maker is another cross platform high-level game engine like Unity, except it's focused on 2D games. I wouldn't recommend AIR anymore.

A multiplayer component is by far the most difficult thing to program, and you'd most likely need some kind of dedicated servers to make it work.
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I've been considering doing without Sound FX and Music. The Sound FX would get annoying pretty quick, and Music isn't really necessary, because most everyone has an Ipod or whatnot, or has paid dozens or ever hundreds of $ to Buy/Download and build their own personal Music collections, so let them provide their own Soundtracks...

It boils down to what you personally value your time at, I guess. I seriously doubt I can offer you top $ according to the Industry Standard, but - as I said? - Rev Share is entirely possible and you should get 30-60% of the total Budget in any case...

Frankly, I think the Game Engine should be the Programmer's choice. I'd like to Develop for Crossplatform, but that will depend to a certain - or very specific extent - on if OUYA chooses to Fully Fund this Dev, if another prospect decides to do so, or if I do personally.

No way it works without Multiplayer. The AI would be annoying as hell to Conceive, Code and tweak, so all Live Players is pretty much the only way to go. And Multiplayer Local isn't possible, because the Game involves your "hand" which none of the other Players should be able to see. Oh well. If OUYA chooses to Back, Dedicated Servers should be a bit less of an issue...

They may end up going more for my Chess-esque Hybrid concept, rather than the Poker-esque Hybrid concept, anyway. And that one is much more complex to Develop, but can be Designed for Local Multiplay...
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A lack of sound would put a serious damper on the game. It's just something that people expect from games. At the very least there should be a background track and some basic sound effects, especially since you don't get to choose your own music on many platforms.

It's difficult to choose a game engine. It depends on the type of game. 2D or 3D and on various other aspects. If OUYA is funding the development they may require you to make it on native Android.

Online multiplayer is a hard nut to crack. It's among the most difficult things to program, since you have to consider multithreading and latency issues between hosts. Unless it's possible to write in the IP of the person you wish to play with (something which I doubt is recommended on the OUYA) you would need to have dedicated servers.
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So many proyects that need support, If I could get anything to help I'll surely will.
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Definitely looking forward to this, as I loved the game, artwork, comic adaptation made by Template93, and fanfic made by HumanSVD.

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Man, I can't wait for the remake!
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So going to get more commissions, anything for my favorite pony Ruby!
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I look forward to the animation, and can't wait to get my sequel out for the comic. the other stuff is good too.  
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AND you are not the only one looking forward to that :D

You guys have been doing an amazing job, keep it up! (like pretty please)
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the remake is going to be so awesome.
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you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this
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