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Twilight vs Walking

By Donitz
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Twilight Sparkle is a young student, with everything going for her. Only problem is -- she's about to forget, HOW TO WALK! Twilight Sparkle is, a QWOP clone. Rated pg-13.

MLP:FiM @ Hasbro

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Strategy: repeatedly throw yourself down the stairs until you get lucky and find the right back/forward pull balance to catch yourself before you faceplant.

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finally beat the stairs after 3 years

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Silverstream will change her mind about stairs the moment she makes it to the second portion. =P

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I mean, I got down the stairs, but after i tried to walk again, she faceplanted
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Finally conquered the stairs.

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me: trying to control twilight
twilight: walking like a zombie downstairs and putting her front arms between her back legs
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got stuck on the stairs oop
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Ending is so strange...
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the most efectant way for me when walking is press q and o at the same time then press w and p at the same time
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I beat it twice (in an hour livestream ^_^) thinking there'd be a different ending the second time... I was very wrong...
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the ending terrified me
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i once did a backflip on this game
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OMG I JUST DID A BACKFLIP AGAIN OVA Sonic: Pixel Icon Sonic OVA - Tails Smug Smile sonic no 
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How do I get down the stairs without dying?
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kkkkkkkkkkkkk this game is sooooooooooooo funny kkk
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I can imagine this with Rainbow Dash forgetting how to fly.
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when your legs are asleep
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i remember when i first discovered this game 2 weeks before christmas, i now play mlp games every christmas. its kinda like a tradition. the nostalgia!!!
xXJazziiiiiiiXx's avatar
When I tried to YOLO Twilight was basically doing a flip then landed face first, rfgbhnbgvfcdx
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Swirlywolfy's avatar
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what is  the pattern
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i know its been like a year but for me its qp and ow 
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