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Story of the Blanks

By Donitz
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Story of the Blanks is a short creepypasta fangame created in Adobe Flash. It was created for a game developing contest at Equestria Gaming
(… )

The game is constrained to use genuine NES graphics and graphical limitations (down to the very 8 sprites per line limitation). Most if not all the music in the game was created by various people using famitracker (a NES/famicon tracker).

The excellent music was made by

CRTified Technician…

Zero V2


You rock, woohoo!

MLP:FiM is copyright by Hasbro. This is a fangame made by a fan. It is not endorsed by, or in any way connected with Hasbro.
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Wow That Was Good

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I'm praying that this is preserved after Adobe shuts down flash this December. Playing this game has been something that I always love coming back to, so hopefully the rumored unity remake goes well.

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Luckily, Newgrounds actually seems to care about preserving it's content, and Story of the Blanks is also on Newgrounds. Last time I was at Newgrounds, they enacted an official "end of life plan" for the death of flash. They created an official player, for their content. Basically, it's a program that will run Newgrounds content.

I sort of wish that other companies would be decent enough for an end of life plan, such as companies creating online games that run on central servers. Instead, we get this "end of use license agreement" crap. It's all incredibly anti-consumer. Good thing that Newgrounds is a bright spot, amidst this.

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Ah, the memories! Used to play this when I was around 11 or 12.

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will this story be preserved in html5 after flash dies?

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I heard that they are doing a remake in unity

Milesthemetroidtamer's avatar

where did you hear this, exactly?

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I'm curious as well.

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huh. what do you know.

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I speak Spanish, I know that it is in development and that it is in unity, there is also another in 3D but it is very bad xD

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This is the disturbing mlp game ever!
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God, the nostalgia.
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reminds The Legend of Zelda
darklighteryphon's avatar
Still good even after all these.
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caballero-nocturno's avatar
this game is still amazing!
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i really wish there could be a second game, but this time it timeskips all the way to when applebloom gets her cutie mark along with the crusaders and still wonders about the blank town. then she and the crusaders return only to be feared because of their marks and are captured and plan to be killed. until mitta and ruby's ghost decide they have to rescue them by warning the ponies of ponyville. i don't really know how it could go but thats all i've got
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I wonder what Starlight thinks of the town
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she must love it......
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Omg, the memories!
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