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Derp till Dawn

By Donitz
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Since everyone, their mother, dog and evil clone has already made one. Here is yet another Slenderman clone, featuring Derpy!

Derpy vector by
Music and sound effects are from Newgrounds and freesound. Full credits are in the game.

The image of planet Earth is from…

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Not gonna lie, this is a pretty good Slender clone 😨

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okay so when i was about 9 me and my best friend would play this everyday and over the course of 3 years ive only finished this once (or i came close i dont remember i was 10 when i did it and im 12 now) but here i am again attempting to finish this game. m,snjfbwdkjfbhwdk

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Blast...! I got the note in the house and he was waitin' for me right outside that hallway...Maybe I took too long searchin' the cabin.
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 I LOVE THIS GAME !!!!!!!!
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Okay so I beat the house level where do I go next? I've found what looks like a sewer grate after beating house level but I get the message our eyes lie and then I die so I feel as though I'm missing something.
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Ahhh I love this game
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Slender clone or not, it's a great game IMO.
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I.... I made it to the credits? I'm going to go stare at a wall wondering how in the f*** I managed to 'win'.
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I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M Scary 
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i always get scared! but i never beaten the game!
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This keeps being good spooky stuff
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I'm scared!
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I was able to get underground. That part is really tough. I wonder what happens after that... I wonder if there's even a way out.
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This is spooky!  Slenderman Icon Clapping pony Slenderman 
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Hey Donitz
did you know that your name comes from a Nazi Navy General?
this is the part where your fans beat me up
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It was my nickname long before I knew that. I used to be close to the #1 google spot for donitz some years ago, but alas the general has beaten me again due to my inactivity.
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well i hope you become active again.

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Very well made!

Nice work!

Squishy Derpy Icon 
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Good job, I enjoyed shitting myself
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This is pretty hard for me.

I can't even get out of the " Trap "! XD
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