The best of October's stock images.

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After my success in The best of October's photo manipulation I decided to make another one about the stock images, since I believe stock images are art too.

The production of stock images in Oct was very huge when you compare it to the photo manipulation category, and it has taken from me a long time to review all works submitted in this category.

This type of art might be liked by them photo manipulators, and other stock images, it is not always that the image is a super photo, but it could be a good art because it shows a lot of possibilities to be used, at least that's how I see it.

:thumb141125295: :thumb140542580: ocean love 24 by MissKayaStock ocean love 21 by MissKayaStock :thumb139812468: :thumb139708404: :thumb139706834: :thumb141625443: Angel 43 by Lynnwest-Stock Forest.004 by Source7 Stock 021 by ZombieAnesthetic stock france second part 9 by xSunnyCloudx Stock_Img 17 By-amanraj4u by amanraj4u :thumb139479676: :thumb141967062: Swan 04 by MorlothStock Blue eyes_Kitten stock by icecreamSTOCK Stock: Uriko 7 by karenbak Autumn Smiles 19 by sd-stock Stock 011 by ZombieAnesthetic :thumb141628976: Vintage Little Girl 2 by HauntingVisionsStock Rainforest by da-joint-stock portait 2 by deeperthanskin-stock Orca Jump 6 by Ceta-Stock Orca Underwater 2 by Ceta-Stock :thumb141319135: :thumb140155897: Halflinger 1 by Hokota :thumb139765863: :thumb140543441: :thumb141550849: 148 by DGS-Stock Door2 by roseenglish black horse stock 39 by mistyofmyheart Evil Witch Stock 3 by MaskedFrog :thumb139708127: :thumb141640111: :thumb140542117: Shea 01 by COI-stock :thumb140646514: :thumb140730157: :thumb140878698: :thumb141750363: White Mountains 1 by maerocks :thumb141750026: :thumb141749884:
:thumb141745014: 114 WB Gallop by Chunga-Stock Coral reef 1 by indigodeep create-stock: green makeup ii by create-stock :thumb140624165: Bull Frog by asaph70 Premade Autumn BG by Tebh-stock Heather 8 by Jazzy-Stock Tunel de Chichaca by migartSTOCK :thumb141629160: Acadia 20 by maerocks

Mature Content

Skydancer-Stock 4515 by skydancer-stock
:thumb142009390: create-stock: green makeup by create-stock black dawn 1 by xXtimeless-stockXx Skydancer-Stock 4675 by skydancer-stock :thumb141207334: :thumb141822876: :thumb141345209: 158 WB Trot leg bent up by Chunga-Stock :thumb140782786: :thumb141730332: Fall Queen 2 by Sitara-LeotaStock TTshy.stock by beMojostock Street Stock16 by Foxxy-Tomo-stocks Premade Background 002 by xsyron Lookout misty mountains by CAStock and more birds by mimose-stock pic by aurad White queen stock 4 by Random-Acts-Stock 148 WB trot by Chunga-Stock Pandora's pledge stock 20 by Random-Acts-Stock :thumb140009552: the roomate by BOUTILIER :thumb140052374: lb1-142 background 2 by bstocked :thumb141621921: I by mariix-stock :thumb140541188: Gull Stock... by TThealer56 Gulf Breeze 4 by senzostock :thumb141629062: :thumb141125577: :thumb142449475: :thumb139910794:
:thumb141585775: :thumb140645547: :thumb141715471: Rainbow Rocks 45 by AmethystDreams1987 :thumb140325157: UNRESTRICTED - Leaves .PNG by frozenstocks 182 Standing uni pose by Chunga-Stock :thumb139516956: Rainbow Rocks 9 by AmethystDreams1987 Bridge by eyefeather-stock

Mature Content

Bloody Zombie II by fetishfaerie-stock
:thumb142277723: :thumb139523841: clock tower 5 by indigodeep :thumb141014577: window by compot-stock Forest by PrincessInHeaven :thumb142277543: :thumb142178887: All That Glitters 3 by The-Dragoness :thumb140019163: :thumb139523640: Premade Background 233 by AshenSorrow :thumb141207198: :thumb139833665: saurian by Drezdany-stocks :thumb141207901: Mistress Vampire IV by cassandraland :thumb142185242: Ash Portrait Stock 1 by amptone-stock Great Egret by DrachenVarg-stock :thumb139555453: Pandora's pledge stock 13 by Random-Acts-Stock 84 by Spedding-Stock Goggles III by fetishfaerie-stock Smoke - Fume - Factory stock by yasincrow Autumn Wind by theflickerees-stock Pandora's pledge stock 26 by Random-Acts-Stock Premade Background 231 by AshenSorrow Autumn portrait 5 by mariix-stock :thumb142410122: :thumb142049125: :thumb140461679: :thumb142104473: :thumb140560644: Fabio Stock 3 by GloomWriter :thumb139585296: :thumb140874808: :thumb142201045: Autumn path 3 by FrantisekSpurny :thumb140736738: Theia  V by UnicornReality Premade Background 196 by AshenSorrow Fantasy forest background 3 by indigodeep Clouds by Expose42 Horse and Carriage 1 by BeautifulBizarreMag Fantasy forest background 1 by indigodeep :thumb140178245: :thumb140899821: Black or white. by Kawaii-x-Stock Street Stock17 by Foxxy-Tomo-stocks :thumb141632078: Mistress Vampire I by cassandraland Goggles V by fetishfaerie-stock Dance Magic Dance 65 by Falln-Stock Sweet Autumn Stock II by SilaynneStock UNRESTRICTED - Lake Scene Premade BG by frozenstocks DuPont Mansion Stock 22 by FairieGoodMother Dicentra Preview 1 by joannastar-stock :thumb141154681: Forest road by FrantisekSpurny :thumb140732076: Premade Background 213 by AshenSorrow Pumpkin Stock 015 by redwolf518stock :thumb140483555: texture stock 399 by redwolf518stock Clouds2 by Expose42 :thumb140361196: cliff stock by dractus-stock Otherworld Remix 9 by lindowyn-stock :thumb142618029: Gothic Patio Background by Lil-Mz :thumb139738174: :thumb142175221: HM: Guestroom by lindowyn-stock :thumb142033780: + F a e - 5 + by LeafsStock create-stock: cold by create-stock IDMC 2 by lindowyn-stock Fantasy Moonlight backgrounds by moonchild-ljilja :thumb141828513: Witch 1 by Sitara-LeotaStock Stock 119 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock by bruisedkiwistock :thumb140619259: eye 16 by erykucciola-sToCk Dicentra Pack by joannastar-stock :thumb140561042: Landscape Stock 39 by Colourize-Stock :thumb142464864: Messing about stock 11 by Random-Acts-Stock Premade Background 203 by AshenSorrow :thumb142619829: Sweet Autumn Stock I by SilaynneStock Hohentwiel 03 - Stock Pack by kuschelirmel-stock :thumb140874743: eye 18 by erykucciola-sToCk :thumb142576748: :thumb140803746: Premade Background 210 by AshenSorrow Water 60 - sweet waterscape by Momotte2stocks :thumb139488789: :thumb141206975: Place 229 - house in moutains by Momotte2stocks Four Brothers by FrantisekSpurny :thumb141884215: :thumb139556190: :thumb140358461: :thumb141469449: :thumb141614108: Wings PNG by AshenSorrow :thumb142033550: Dark field by FrantisekSpurny :thumb142218079: Landscpe Stock 42 by Colourize-Stock Feet on the table - Package by chabruphotography HM: Music Room2 by lindowyn-stock Tex 13 by shi-stock Little Witch 1 by deathbycanon-stock Field by FrantisekSpurny :thumb142614032: black-and-white version by SkT0330 :thumb139587277: Premade Background 224 by AshenSorrow Landscape Stock 43 by Colourize-Stock :thumb139894498: Fall Background Landscape 4 by FantasyStock :thumb139735329: :thumb139359034: Two roads by FrantisekSpurny :thumb140337849: Hohentwiel 02 - Stock Pack by kuschelirmel-stock :thumb142223227: :thumb140030142: Valley by edlo airad_test_1 by jademacalla IMG_2972 by Esveeka-Stock HM: Music Room3 by lindowyn-stock :thumb139971578: Rainbow Rocks 30 by AmethystDreams1987 Bird Stock - Finch by NickiStock stock I by MD-Arts Gothic Darkness backgrounds by moonchild-ljilja :thumb139411301: Forest Pack by PaintedOnMySoul Waterscape Stock 14 by Colourize-Stock Premade Background 207 by AshenSorrow :thumb142471393: :thumb142224849: Fantasy Background free by moonchild-ljilja field 3 by FrantisekSpurny PUMPKINZ by lindowyn-stock Landscape Stock 44 by Colourize-Stock :thumb139557482: Madonna and Child by mjranum-stock :thumb141854480: :thumb142509025: :thumb141750084: :thumb139971210: Instinct To Resist by vishstudio Sailor Sakky Takes a Turn by AdorkaStock :thumb140359823: Paint Love by GloomWriter Myrina Quay s11- On Sale by LemnosExplorer :thumb142473891: :thumb141430021: stock II by MD-Arts :thumb139412387: Warmblood 20 by Colourize-Stock :thumb139971582: My Woodie - 12 by mjranum-stock Darkness Falls Backgrounds by cosmosue Free BG Creek2 by zoozee Iced Bokeh Blue Stock by Moonchilde-Stock :thumb139791286: :thumb142580093: Green field by FrantisekSpurny Little Witch 3 by deathbycanon-stock skeleton by TwiggXstock Moar winter by TwiggXstock desert wasteland premade bg by venomxbaby Autumn road 5 by FrantisekSpurny :thumb140204053: Troglodytic house by Grinmir-stock :thumb139867531: :thumb141255613: :thumb140987007: :thumb141514769: :thumb140205089: :thumb140491172: :thumb141795675: :thumb142298131: :thumb140100914: :thumb141212780: :thumb141209696: :thumb141333088: :thumb141397153: :thumb141078119: :thumb141179770: :thumb140460660: :thumb139483284: :thumb141181415: :thumb141593812: :thumb140381261: :thumb142287802: :thumb139410460: :thumb141845107: :thumb140204195:
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Amazing Gallery
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I m not sure that if i didnt thank you yet for this nice suprise:love::hug:
Have been busy and happy with DD which I got today with my another photo[link] :))
I just was replying my messages.
This is a wonderful selection that it was hard also to find my simple work there:))
Thank u so much for ur nice support:))
It ll come more free photos from me for stockers from me:))
donhosho's avatar
oh np at all :) and congrats on your DD, it is well deserved. I wish one day to get a DD too :D
RAtakol's avatar
I wish for u that:))
thank u again:love::hug:
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:D beautiful features and thank you 4 my feature too :D
EquineStockImagery's avatar
Beautiful stock! Thank you so much for the feature. :love:
BeautifulBizarreMag's avatar
Awesome WOW so much great stock in one article, thank you very much for including my pony stock :love:
lindowyn-stock's avatar
Epic collection! I'm honored to be a part of it.

And people say stock isn't art... pffffft.
Tebh-stock's avatar
Thank you so much! :manhug: :love:
FantasyStock's avatar
Gorgeous features!! :thumbsup: It's a treat to see mine among them, very flattering! Thanks for submitting this. I can tell it took a lot of time to compile this collection of stock.
HauntingVisionsStock's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature!
AmethystDreams1987's avatar
Awesome! thanks for this.
Colourize-Stock's avatar
Thank you sooo much for the feature!:hug: I truly appriciate it!
compot-stock's avatar
thanks for the feature , beautiful collection
auroradreams's avatar
thankyou very much for adding us to your feature
RAtakol's avatar
There are many wonderful images on ur selection:))
Thank u inculiding also mine, that is so kindly of you:love::hug:
indigodeep's avatar
This is a fantastic collection thank you for adding mine to it :hug:
randomstockies's avatar
Thank you so much :]
LeafsStock's avatar
Many thanks for including my work in this great collection :) It must have taken you a long time to get this all together, you have included some great pieces of work!
donhosho's avatar
Yes very long time, I felt really tired :(
LeafsStock's avatar
Awwww bless you, it was well worth the time and effort like I said this is a good collection, and it's people like you that really help us stock artists get noticed! :)
donhosho's avatar
I am trying to do my best :)
MrsDollaway-Stock's avatar
Thank you so much honey! :glomp:
rammkitty-stock's avatar
thanks very much :]
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