The best of December's photo manipulation (2009)

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The best of December's photo manipulation (2009)

This article about best photo manipulation art done in December 2009, picked by me. It doesn't necessarily mean it is really the best; but it rather reflects my personal taste in the subject. I recommend you take a look and tell me Your opinion.

My aim, It could open the way for many photo manipulators to get visits and watched as well. It also can inspire you as it inspired me.

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The thumbnails:

Desire by swinspeed Agony by swinspeed wrong. by alais-photography somewhere by tomatokisses damnation by themoonmaker ...nature... by tomatokisses :thumb146407052: desolate. by KeremOkay Hello Mr... by swinspeed God's Residence by simoneheld the house on the hill by photoflake Last chance by LordVenomTLD Tales of Old Time by theflickerees :thumb146679017: Passing Terrain by Karezoid :thumb148050302: :thumb146885325: :thumb148275784: As cold as my heart... by EmbrisionArts Enter. by LAWLZATJ00 Ticking Clocks by GabiiRain :thumb145720866: :thumb147433321: Broken sunrise by Teodora-Chinde p-0893 by MisS-DxB sometimes by lesliemarie-manips Already Gone. by Raiiiny hand of blood by Secours WE WATCH THE CLOUDS PLAY by BLIZZARD-THE-ELEMENT Lady in black by FuzzyBuzzy :thumb148104394: ...passion red... by BaxiaArt :thumb147239399: :thumb148032836: :thumb145899485: :thumb145953366: Condemnation by Taborda08 Miles Away by hearthy Somewhere in my soul by hearthy Mask Of Insane by Nagrobek :thumb146791565: time by Mushy-Gushy lucky game. by ang3llor3 She Flies In The Bottle by nuhuup jra7 karbala_Muharam 2009 by hasanain Dragonflies by Sylwia77 defect by AnjaMillen Delta Station by Grooveinjector Paradise by fmdesigner at worlds end by AeternitasveniA Ancients: The Unicorn by GingerKellyStudio

Mature Content

believe by Isahn
Mother Nature by carpenoctem410 glide by NajlaQamber   Archway into the ice by konishkichen Memories by Silvia15 Insomnia by fmdesigner illusion by Peterio Elephant Dreams by fmdesigner untitled 4 by Peterio :thumb147889441: Blue by hearthy Drawing Cat by acmmech Three lives by kharlamov :thumb147234254: :thumb146453278: winter is coming by Corette-Studios :thumb146708667: Into the light... by adunio :thumb145695145: Malicia. by Alkonybestia :thumb148572799: Merry Friggin  Christmas by BeardoMcWeirdo :thumb147897950: :thumb146364811: a different light by auredd Capture Every Moment by Plethoras The island by Louisolah Dandelion Wishes by VisuallyPoetic Future by Flobelebelebobele Under the Dome by leovilela Fairy winter by Danapra :thumb147731643: c o l d b r e a t h by BaukjeSpirit :thumb148419100: :thumb146838674: alternate universe by paramorefan1827 until the break of dawn. by cas887 Diamond_1 by Danapra There In A Silence by HellCloister Closer to you by LadyUndone :thumb146238555: :thumb147344413: :thumb148347827: First Day Sunset by WindyLife Waterfalls - Cataratas by sith-x

Mature Content

theTeeVee by anapt
:thumb147584363: :thumb147541492: Trough The Color by seventline Paint Me In The Shadows by EvanescentAngel666 the light by themoonmaker Black butterfly by LilifIlane :thumb148505328: :thumb146437137: Her Future. by nadhrah94 confession by Peterio :thumb148168162: :thumb148049296: :thumb146332350: drowning by blue-a :thumb148634076: the devils play by AF-studios Ice Queen by made-in-utopia The dark side by clair0bscur :thumb147794375: :thumb147381019:

Mature Content

inner demon by mayoofka
:thumb148164555: :thumb146342368: The End is Near by CoffeKec Reality Error by DannyRoozen The Other Half of Me by Finisternis Learning Origins by adeelquick :thumb147225611: As if you understand... by SpellboundMisfits :thumb145403047:

Mature Content

A matter of mechanism by MancateEternita
smokin' hot by denkyo --downward-- by Christoph-Michaelis :thumb145615058: No regret by FenneArts The Deep by Driven-Crazy Memories by Kiwiaa Snow White by mairimart :thumb147414877: :thumb145237852: :thumb145533285: WonderLAnd by anugerah-ilahi Rainbow gate by jup3nep The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Drezdany The witch by Black-Nemesi :thumb148342428: :thumb147621131: Sleepwalker. by Raiiiny The Taste of Rain by MoOnshine90 Limbo by Mongey Disney All Worlds by leovilela :thumb147621131: Sleepwalker. by Raiiiny :thumb147450201: :thumb147095944: Encroaching Light by Emerald-Depths Night Drive by intao El reino de los espiritus by deadlybuterfly :thumb146107205: ++..Crying the violin..++ by random-victory Lux aeterna by Finisternis Until it sleeps by Sedeptra :thumb145148641: A Wizard's Wake by theflickerees Girls just wanna have fun by milky78 Snow Ball by Ivienn aquaelephantus by uzengia :thumb148041677: :thumb145724728: Water Fish by angelitonegro :thumb148041677: :thumb145808202: Claire's Horrors by LadyDarkRaven :thumb146101844: Beyond Imagination by Senzi Happy Holidays 09 by JenHuang :thumb145324970: :thumb146492828: The Forgotten by KarimFakhoury end. by MelanieMaterne The Forgotten by KarimFakhoury Escape... by BlackEngel Elusive Inspiration... by nine9nine9 The Call by loojeen Cursum Perficio by Aegils :thumb146073828: home is where . . . by ni-ki-tas :thumb147660933: :thumb146788673: Little cute evil rabbit by Black-Nemesi :thumb148275369: :thumb145526445: :thumb146615436:

Mature Content

Tell me something Nude by theSIGNer
:thumb146796998: BaRcO De pApEl by deadlybuterfly Tea Time by Juli-SnowWhite :thumb145813591: Alien sunset by Teodora-Chinde Gospels of the Sand by theflickerees the world is changing by littlewillow-art Heaven on Earth by Lauraest the moment i love you by justangel :thumb146102951: progress by rattattart La Voyageuse des Reves by emilieleger Venus Updated by Wrong-Code :thumb147967926: High Noon 05_02 - Marching On by TeeAl Heaven on Earth by Lauraest the moment i love you by justangel :thumb146399441: i am alone by mohdfikree :thumb147056084: first snow fall by NajlaQamber :thumb145208785: :thumb147892436: Bait by cooledition Night Vision by Lemmy-X North Star by psivamp Ape Riot by hiddenmoves Share Your Creativity by EvilFriend :thumb146749302: :thumb148404513: On To Glory by PackOfChessyCats black widow by poisonvectors :thumb146429970: :thumb147756317: The Valley of Agony by RoadioArts High Noon 05_01 - Hooked by TeeAl :thumb145698044: Bottlescape by IreneLangholm midnight by poisonvectors Deep Water II by JJadek :thumb147204545: Dont Let Me Go by BeautifulBizarreMag :thumb148233420: theSin by anapt Goddess sparkle by emsen :thumb146865983: Softly by Ameliorator Fresh by rgquarkup guille's land by tomatokisses Towards Your Dreams by negm933 :thumb146730329: Lady Rosenred by Methyss Obsessed with Black. by daunhaus The Frigid Wastelands by theflickerees The Other Side by ideoda distance future by mohdfikree :thumb147023052: :thumb147607153: :thumb147413023: SweetDreams by CindysArt Skopje Remix - the Museum by ivan-bliznak tagwall mess araund by Shando91 :thumb145335415: Sisters by m4gik O - metamorphosis by CSISMAN :thumb146212798: Wish Maker by MandiR :thumb145584309: Xmas by Juli-SnowWhite CReEping in the DarK by intano :thumb147057013: Moonlight Sonata Remixed by Aegils :thumb147453133: paint me in the shadows by WCS-Wildcat Shivers by BurakUlker Secrets of Nyorai'Fo. by devils-horizon Beware the Chameleon... by nine9nine9 Feathers in the wind by CindysArt
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Beautiful selections!! :wow:
Thank you so much for including my work :aww::hug:

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amazing art and thanks for feature mine
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Thanks so much!
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Thanks a lot :)
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Thank you for the feature!
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great collection :)
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Wow, incredible! Gives a lot of inspiration and eagerness to improve!
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Thank you so very much for the feature, and sorry for my late replay :glomp:
You have a wonderful collection here, and I am very honoured to be one of them. Thanks alot :glomp:
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you are welcome :) :tighthug:
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awesome feature! <3
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Andaelentari's avatar
you're welcome ^_^
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you are welcome :)
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Thank you so much, I'm honoured you included my work :heart:
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you are welcome :D
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Wow! Amazing works of Art!
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i agree, and thank u for checking my humble collection :)
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it was my pleasure :glomp:
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woww thanks for featuree....realy2 impresive ^^
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you are welcome :) and glad u like them ^^
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yepp realy cool manipulation ^^
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