BOMDA-The best of March's photo manipulation 2010
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BOMDA-The best of March's photo manipulation (2010)

I think about my self as an art collector, and deviant ART allows me to collect art without paying anything, which is a really fun for me, and educating me as well. And yes, I visit every single entry/submission submitted  to the photo manipulation gallery of deviant Art every month, and I pick the best works for my collection, then I come here and share them.
This article about best photo manipulation art  done in March  2010, picked by me. It doesn't necessarily mean it is really the best; but it rather reflects my personal taste in the subject.

Bomda Stamp by donhosho
I made group BOMDA! And it is freshly born in March 2010. The group is running by me only, and it  aims to help me to make my collection, now I fav all the work I like in it's gallery.

:bulletblue: watching the group, will send to you the highest quality of art, and the monthly collection news.

May be it is different than most groups: my  group basic collections are in it's favorite folder, categorized by month. However, only the highest quality is submitted in the group gallery. And the group gallery is very picky, because simply the art which goes to the gallery should has a DD quality, and I suggest it really as a DD. If the artist already got a DD in 3 months, I accept it too, because the DD suggestion is not the only aim, but to show the highest quality (according to my taste) is the aim.

And I dig hard to find the unknown talent, oh and yes, I find high quality art which is better than the so famous artists, and btw, this remind  me to write another point I wished to share with you, I pick the best according to my taste, if the artist is famous or not, it doesn't make any different to me. I still pick what I like the most.

Artists Bomda introduced this month to the community, Great artists who joined DA this month, and Bomda welcomed them, and the art which BOMDA group suggested  to get DD and it got DD, all news could be read in the follow link to the  group journal:

:bulletblue:MARCH 2010 Collection News!  

:bulletblue: MARCH 2010 Collection SiteBack slide show!  

Hammerhead by Don-Pachi Fat Fish by hersoft W a t e r by jaffar-style Strange heads by GRANDMIX TankCrab by WaltervanSanten Lightgull by HumanDescent FrogBird by WaltervanSanten Humming Fox by GeraldMoore breakfast by grohsARTig a beer for life by bobstrong orangeman by grohsARTig Apple book by Binnie64:thumb157100948::thumb156022917::thumb156020817::thumb157480302: Medea's Journey by ENZZOK Happy Friends by Gosp Peek-a-boo by IreneLangholm

Detailed composition,  and it tells some story:
:thumb158125807::thumb158494172::thumb158493128: The First Meeting by konishkichen Monastery by vimark Untitled scenery by rtn Times Square by Leasepics Bye-bye, Kansas by Sedeptra Waterfall city by Sedeptra The secret lake by Sedeptra:thumb158101709: The dream of iron wolf by aezakmiNemesis:thumb155823255: The Secret Place by Firnadi Drought 2085 by manroms No name by manroms Ballons by McRace Intimacy in the evening by DameOdessa Cerulean Moonlight by vampyre1 Go fish by ejkej0046 the removal by mellcor Angel by Taborda08 The Fate of Ella Lee by Coffea Singing Lesson by FuzzyBuzzy:thumb156209575: A wolf at the door by marcocasalvieri The last city by SHUME-1 forgotten wisdom by SHUME-1 nature morte I by centb nature morte IV by centb

Post modern graphical design, Post Punk:
So kiss me by zepaulo New year greeting by pixel-gravity Green Grudge Elegance by mrccreativo:thumb156603772: Alone by omnigfx La Fee Lactee by MaliciaRoseNoire Feel The Rhytm by DigitalDean vJ.ASIK by hasnadoma:thumb158458228::thumb156722648::thumb156723895:

Pop Art or with an advertising quality:
Pop Art Icon by Chloee111
be cooking by grohsARTig view by dsauio janda kembang by nooreva:thumb156139093: MacBook - alt. concept by JohwMatos Green Power by roweig


Lux Aeterna by Lady-Symphonia:thumb156047371::thumb156886100: Butterfly Effect by JJadek Nobody loves Alice by b-lackdante I R A by schia025:thumb156364538: Confidencias by ElenaDudina Let It Fly - Cropped by AnneWillems Condemnation by EvanescentAngel666 Ice Scream by jeedreek Seraph by Mon-artifice Her name is Death by Sylwia77:thumb155957750::thumb157571478: Contemplation by Treason1 golden.AGE by YEGIN Out Of Reach by ZiiZii-RocK Fragile Beauty by BurakUlker ++.Dark_Ladies.++ by random-victory Paparazzi by Juli-SnowWhite _the human and the machine. by josefinejonssonphoto:thumb156382703: O r c h i d by RafkinsWarning The Carnival is Over by pbaldini geisha dreams by touchmeup

Diva 2:

Mature Content

Clara und Rosa by sauco-m
Hecate by cemac:thumb155984162: The Fan by InWineThereIsTruth Waiting for the Time to Come by zocafx Just a Midnight Snack by Kimberly-M Faint Hopes by EY0407 Escape by EY0407:thumb156375404::thumb156065434: The Little Shoes by Ellyevans679 Forgotten memories by arthame:thumb157389297::thumb157299219: Serenity by flina Scarlet Figments by KateRodrigues Hot Red by Honey1706 Celebration by bcamelier Desert Mirage by nine9nine9 The Hope by ForestGirl:thumb157064750::thumb158485531: S o m e w h e r e by lady-amarillis ..::Forgotten Sorrow::.. by Yosia82 Forbbiden Forest...The Exit by maiarcita My secret place by DarkSoulOfLuthien El columpio de la charca by ElenaDudina:thumb156772564: Fairytale Queen by Nataly1st Serenity by gravitywarrior Where Soul Meets Body by IrisVampyria Moonlight dance by DCSMC ...the messenger... by BaxiaArt Senses by lina82:thumb158821358: Kiara by FredWinkler Constance by Black-Nemesi:thumb156835962: Deadlands by BigBad-Red:thumb156707162: Escape by CindysArt Trapped Under Moonlight by ky-sta .Make Believe, Close Your Eyes by masKade Midnight's Kiss by venomousey Little Red' by DerekEmmons The Shining Path by lady-amarillis:thumb158488413: Magic Rain by maiarcita Nocturnal_ by Digital-Epilepsee

Mature Content

Mermaid Hunter by Demonrat
City of Darkness by VenjaPhotography Enchanted by IrinaFoxx .The spell was broken by BellaArtemis Princess Pirates by Sylwia77 This is the end by AndyGarcia666:thumb158285605: Take my love by Schindlersky:thumb156140082: Echoes of Dawn by Aegils My Heart Will Go On? by FuzzyBuzzy Freedom by ForestGirl Poison by tsukichan13:thumb158373735::thumb157010245: L'Imperatrice by hamesha:thumb157238155: Lady in Black by MskyCarmen:thumb158129073: Midnight Desires by euphoricdesire r e m i n i s c e n c e by EmberRoseArt Play with me now by maximaxi13 An Eternity by LiquidKrystal:thumb155914361: Contemplation by Emerald-Depths Lets Visit Another Universe 3 by pelleron

Mature Content

Der Biss by VenjaPhotography
:thumb157469408::thumb156513439: Du Hast Mich Mal Geliebt by MelissaGriffin Volver by VinternV:thumb157473732::thumb157736179: Morning Light by TitusBoy25 forgive me love by WCS-Wildcat:thumb158109152: Ascension by JulieKrizan falling away. by twilightstars Accordez-moi Cette Danse by emilieleger

Tough guys:
Dreamland by Healzo TORNADO plus making of video by CalvinHollywood at1 by horhhe Dywersant by SHUME-1

visual dulls:
Clarimonde by BigBad-Red:thumb156944288: Magical Moment by ZiiZii-RocK:thumb155892677::thumb157002323:defenseless by quemasJosephine by CoffeaDoll 3 by LilifIlane:thumb158176106::thumb155884183:

inv1 by horhhewuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusch.. by MichaelPesupersoniclightspeed by MichaelPeHollow dance... by MichaelPe

Painting Quality:
Flavour Park by guwwe die fighting by pekthongBloody wall by du-la:thumb157207721:Ode to Joy by xx-Lethal-xx:thumb157136071::thumb156065969:suck me, beautiful by alovernotafighter

Asian inspired:
A Spring Morning by kaze9th

:thumb158825050:... in LOVE by MelanieMaterne:thumb155848505::thumb156497600::thumb157474098:Yellow Balloon by addy-ack:thumb158199767:Let me escape by Hennah83:thumb157101555::thumb156362353:Cloudy Moon by xxsensi

The briefcase by Vilk42:thumb156007427:

Raid At Atlas-2 by Borruen:thumb156497605::thumb158109424::thumb156600499:Landing on the wrong place by Firnadi21st Century Slave 6 by MachineRoomTales From the Wasteland IV by KarezoidThe New Frontier by PaulCookPhotographyAlien coming soon by Ergeiz2Illium by Ergeiz2Android by revn89:thumb156785133:Dirty Dancing by GRAPHICSOULPower of Thought by Der-Jagdflieger

Avatar Movie inspired:  (which was a big  trend this month)
Avatar Nu by photoexpertThe Godfather avatar by LukeR87

Roll The Dice by RaBBiTKa:thumb158018053:Morphine:: by Spiritdancer405Crystalline by Emerald-DepthsUnseen by EliseEnchantedThe Cheshire Cat by Gypsy-Moon

Children & kids:
Alice In Wonderland by moonchild-ljiljaOn the way to Larissadorf by Zuboffreading by dukunartThe Forgotten Fairytale by SilaynneRenaissance by Guivre1580:thumb157754746:Enchanted Forest by kayceeusOtter girl by CindysArtTake me with you by CindysArtThe old boat by CindysArt

Historical scene:
Sadar Bua by NiAnluain--knight-- by Christoph-Michaelis:thumb156162199:The cursed castle by Firnadimarry me by chrissy261

Surreal (High  Details):
The Bodyshop - faces by marieke-freezzzAscension by olivercdOPEN NIGHT by StigmaChinaWalk of Pain by Dimi1978Change by Binnie64Pan Kartawsky i jego cytryny by sauco-mFiga by sauco-m:thumb157665857:SNIP - SNIP by CakobeloA home by BengoosEvolution by Cakobelo:thumb157550614:


I by MariusSachtikusUltima Thule II by KarezoidClimacophobia by tnargrantimpossible escape by alltelleringetDreams about a marriage by FFrederikSouth of heaven by Geironimo:thumb157674789:The Portrait by consciousspaceDesolation by ENZZOKtogether by anaptAngel of Dead by ENZZOK...... by Christoph-MichaelisBEBXL - way by andyshade:thumb157242659::thumb156594023:Land of the Lost by OctobraliaThe Sentry by twuoneBrokenReality-rmk-1 by DrumsOfWarfashionShow by anapt:thumb156528200::thumb156390864::thumb157130425::thumb157445546::thumb158016056::thumb158218923::thumb156795572::thumb155877758::thumb156093972::thumb156356845::thumb156417127::thumb158410045::thumb155872922::thumb156436835::thumb155953434::thumb156418127::thumb157097565::thumb158754994::thumb156215594::thumb156238533::thumb155857453::thumb156869876::thumb157471649::thumb157874789::thumb157912119::thumb158293241::thumb158167460::thumb158864215::thumb158982603::thumb158470912::thumb158826609::thumb158062277::thumb157641024::thumb158282699::thumb156335969::thumb158275110::thumb157968456::thumb155951467::thumb156128353::thumb157205635::thumb156267736::thumb156484908::thumb156877992::thumb158309928::thumb156879272::thumb158267997::thumb157440480::thumb157688252::thumb157199090::thumb156986707::thumb157436504::thumb77733683::thumb156952011::thumb156267201::thumb157647417::thumb158809977::thumb156314213::thumb156410676::thumb157684365:


Land Scape:     

Not exactly an animal, not  exactly a human:

Land Scape with an object or person:

Horses & other animals


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This is an amazing collection, I cannot wait to look through everyone!
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LOL Omg!!! Now I have comment here twice LOL Sorry...........
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Wow!!! This was a very big collection of wonderful arts!!! Thank you so very much for including my work, it makes me very happy :glomp:
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A great collection of beautiful pictures!
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Thank you for including 'Hecate' in this wonderful and very comprehensive feature :heart:
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Great features !
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Thank you! :love:
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Amazing work, everyone! Thanks for including my work with so many other talented artists!
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And I am so happy and honoured to see my work among those fantastic artist and art work.
Thank you so very very much :glomp:
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great manipulations!congrats 2 all!keep on!
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WOW! You have a great-great Artist & artwork! in youe Feature here'...really awasome' big thanks' for added my piece' my Friend thanks alot..
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