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random PENGUIN


WILL SCRAP LATER (if I remember to)

Inspired by a cover of a children's book I saw in the newspaper a few weeks back.

Crayons + Whiteboard marker
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totally loved it
pankeciitha's avatar
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this is very cute, great potential
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i love it!

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I love birdies! ^^ This penguin's cute!
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Oh my gosh! I love penguins! I actually found it after seeing your Ryan Wolfe drawing (which I also LOVED), and so I decided to see what else you've drawn, and they're great. Well, bie! :0D
dongpeiyen1000's avatar

Penguins are adorable! :aww: And thanks! :)
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ich herz das pinguins....

yeah, ok....
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Hwellow Mwister Penguin... What awe you listening...???
Gwarsh! Cuuuuteeee!!!!
*pulls the penguin's cheeks*
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that is the cutest penguin ever lol
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A random, happy, and cute penguin! Wonder what he's listening to.
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oh my god. i love penguins. :) this is great
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Yeah, he looks all cute and stuff now. But just you wait! He'll grow up to take over the world, just like all his other icy brethren. See how cute he looks after he becomes supreme dictator of the universe. And it'll all be because this lil penguin is listening to some bad music.
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LOL! And you shall win the award for the longest comment I have ever received. Congrats! *hands you a virtual trophy* :winner:
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I wonder he is listening to something like Sum 41 or so. It gives me this idea. BTW, another colored piece! Verrry cute!
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That was originally gonna be a pair of earmuffs but... I kinda turned them into earphones. o_O

Thanks for the comment! XD
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It's cute! All you have to do now is...

Don't scrap it! xD
dongpeiyen1000's avatar
o....kay. If you say so.

But I don't really like it. It looks a bit... crooked. XD
lotr-isildur's avatar
Crooked-ness shouldn't stop you... lol...

Then I should fave it. Mruahaha.
dongpeiyen1000's avatar
lol Thanks for the fave XD
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