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So cool. I especially like how normal his face's. Usually, a beefy character like this guy is given an ugly, slope-browed face. This dude comes off more like Conan: strong, bold, and tough but not a mindless brute. 
shellz-art's avatar
You need to upload in higher resolution! I want to admire all the details in all of their glory! It looks stupendous!
Blasterixx's avatar
Just one word <Epic> :headbang:
Guardian-of-Urk's avatar
Shaves, but doesn't cut his hair.
Wears boots, but no pants.
Cape, but no shirt.

Still looks awesome!!
Sabz0r's avatar
Wonderful concept and design ! I especially like the claws on his boots and the bone armor :D 
Koko--Yu's avatar
I love details, such a shame works like yours can't get into popular "x" hours or something, those are amazing!
drawingwithyumi's avatar
The details are amazing
AngelBoy91's avatar
He looks Vicious!
Echidna3d's avatar
Powerful character.
bhupendra's avatar
Awesome! Incredible amount of details.
CatFace2405's avatar
I'm quoting d guy
I love the muscles and expression,body language EVERYTHINF is on POINT PERFECTION
love the details too!! Awesome job :)
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