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Lesson19_Dragon Study_Dracolich

Hi Guys,
This is the third tutorial of Lesson19_Dragon Study
This is a total 4 hours real-time video tutorial of step by step to paint a dracolich. Starting with the line drawing and coloring it. 
Order from my Patreon is always cheaper. 
My Patreon link:
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To see more works, please visit my website:
Thank you for your support and share.:)
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Aerin-Kayne's avatar
Your work is amazing.  
I appreciate the progress shots and tutorials.
ernestopesto's avatar
amazing work! when will you bring it finally to your patreon-friends?
EurekaTheDragon's avatar
OMG this is... whoa! So cool!!
salyssong's avatar
And I thought undead unicorns were bad.
amai-aji's avatar
Looks like a Scrimshaw Drake from Pirate101 😁

Amazing work tho, stunning ;0;
AnnaRDunster's avatar
Not especially more or less than the scrimshaw drake looks like every other dracolich that's been made since they showed up in d&d many years ago.
amai-aji's avatar
I never said that the Scrimshaw drake was the original form or anything. I simply pointed that out because it brings back positive memories and made me notice this drawing in the first place. Thanks for informing me tho.
AnnaRDunster's avatar
Sorry if I took the tone of your original comment wrong. It seemed to me like you were implying that this artist's dracolich was somehow copied from the one you were reminded of.
amai-aji's avatar
No, it is okay. I should've explained myself better, I simply wanted to say that your drawing reminds me of something in a positive way, and not that you copied it or anything. Sorry again ^^''
AnnaRDunster's avatar
Its not my picture, you don't have to apologize to me :)
amai-aji's avatar
Oh shoot

My bad xD
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nice Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) :rainbowfrog: :rainbowfrog: :rainbowfrog: Foxy MLG Chat Icon Foxy MLG Chat Icon MLG Teletubbies Chat Emoticon MLG Phantom BB (commission) BALLOON BOY IS THE ILLUMINATI!!1!11! (chat icon) chica is amazed [emoticon] Foxy is a Boss (Chat Icon) 
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TonyToriusImages's avatar
Interesting. It reminds me of the Frost Wyrms from the Undead Scourge Army (Warcraft 3 and WoW). Nice artwork.
Lightnight2's avatar
Awesome !!look like a dragon from dragons and titans
Redemption80918's avatar
This is absolutely amazing. Since this is so amazing, I actually made sure to favorite this last so that It can be seen on the front page of my account for a few days.
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Snowpawprint's avatar
Cool monster thing! love the colours used
AntonyC's avatar
Lovely beastie!
SuperRocketHogYT's avatar
This looks like something from a video game! Great work
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