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Lesson15_Jurassic World Study_Raptor Head

Hi guys, 
This is the first tutorial of my Patreon Lesson15_Jurassic World Study. 
Raptor Head
This is 2 hours 30 minutes real time video with audio of how to paint a raptor head. This tutorial start with a dinosaurs skin ball. 
More tutorial of jurassic world will come up after this tutorial. 
Order from my Patreon is always cheaper. 
My Patreon link:
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To see more works, please visit my website:
Thank you for your support and share.:)
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xxypink's avatar
Wow, it looks so real, so much detail, and really only two hours!
Firethroat's avatar
Wow! That's gorgeous!
Well done! <3
ShiningDragoon107's avatar
Absolutely fantastic!
It's so realistic and natural. :D
renllaw's avatar
HOLY CRAP!!! This IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! 
The-Last-Phantom's avatar
Absolute perfection!!!

Impressed Sans
LoveDisneyPrincess's avatar
DragonGirl75's avatar
This raptor looks amazing! I love your style!
SarahHeavenBird's avatar
Dude, that's so good!
FeatherNerd's avatar
I hope you're not trying to make it accurate here
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Wow, this is amazing. Fantastic job.
A-Grumpy-Lizard's avatar
Jurassic World was pretty bad, but at least they got the scientifically accurate crest feathers right. 
0athSworn's avatar
What made it so bad? I thought it was pretty good!
FeatherNerd's avatar
Naked dinosaurs and roars.
DragonGirl75's avatar
Eh, I loved it! Besides, the dinosaur genes were tampered with, it makes sense that they would look different. It's a movie, if you want realistic, watch documentaries. It's hilarious to hear the realistic dinosaur calls! XD
FeatherNerd's avatar
Documentaries are lamer than jurassic park! They don't even know how to feather dinosaurs correctly and don't even know their facts XD
Although t-rex could not roar like in the movie, it could growl. ( )
And raptors could make sounds like the ones jp raptors made, but more birdy and less human XD
DragonGirl75's avatar
Shoot, well someone needs to direct a realistic documentary/movie! XD
FeatherNerd's avatar
There is one, called dinosaur island, although their t-rex is fluffy like a bunny and over feathered. Our lesson for today:
Someone can either under-feather a dinosaur, or simply over-feather it. XD
There might not be an accurate documentary, but, there is an extremely accurate game! It got almost 300.000$ for its kickstarter campaign in 1 month and is already one of the most famous upcoming dinosaur games! You should check out its pre-release trailer! (All footage is not from the last version of the game, but, a pre-pre-pre AlphaAlphaAlpha , including the models, animations and terrain. The game will have about 30 dinosaurs XD) Their youtube channel also posts updates on their progress sometimes and they also do devlogs, to inform us about their progress. It's really nice!
( )
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0athSworn's avatar
And now movie is....totally destroyed XD
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