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Lesson09 Desert Hunter

Hi guys, 
This is the second tutorial of my Patreon Lesson09_Desert Study
Desert Hunter
This 4 hours real time video tutorial with audio of step by step to paint a desert hunter. This is a bit tuff tutorial of shows how to make a mood design within a short time. 
Order from my Patreon is always cheaper. 
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Thank you for your support and share.
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Awesome. And outstanding gallery, by the way.
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What did you use to make this? Software and tablet?
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Where's the link to the tutorial? I don't see that...
Merchantt's avatar
Wow, this is absolutely stunning! It makes me look at it for a long while because it just captures my eyes...
oakstudios's avatar
This is a great example of concept art. Pro level work.
ShaunMichaelJones's avatar
Reminds me of Krayt dragon hunting on SWG :)
EurekaTheDragon's avatar
That's so awesome. What's the creature species called? 
BerryTurtle's avatar
It looks like a Horny-Saurus. You have to be careful or they'll take you from behind. Note the hunter's long gun - he was fully prepared to deal with this type of creature since you have to impress before you can kill it.
EurekaTheDragon's avatar
So true. Still amazes me every time I look at it.
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