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2018Lesson03 Satyr Arrange small

Hi guys,
This is the tutorial for this month. Sorry for late as this month also quite busy month for me. 
This is 4 hours 30 minutes real time tutorial on how to making Satyr Creature Design. 
Thank you for your support and share.:)
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Zienneinzwol's avatar
it's lookink like a very powerful Satyr omg :O
wisahkecahk's avatar
This is scarey and incredible work!!!!!

Most impressive indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blsam's avatar
This is too close to the devilish creature I saw once in a nightmare! 
Guardian-of-Urk's avatar
4 hours 30 minutes? I wouldn't even THINK of this in 4 hours and 30 minutes. This would take me months to draw.
usoutlaw's avatar
like 90% werewolf and 10% goat
Awesome looking satantyr!
ezmer2dragon's avatar
My jaw hit the floor.
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Looks more like a demon
Numbuh6001's avatar
Male evil Asriel is there.
skincarver462's avatar
um this satyr doesnt look like he chases nymphs and plays a pan flute.he looks like he gonna kill somebody - thumbs up
usoutlaw's avatar
he probably still chases Nymphs, but only it's for a different reason.
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