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2017Lesson02 Scaled Creature

Hi Guys,
This is the FREE tutorial of this week for you! 
Scaled Creature
A real time 3.5 hours tutorial of painting a scaled pangolin creature. 
The tutorial starts with line drawing of the pangolin then adds value and finally details onto the creature. A great start for beginners who want to study scale paintings and study hard surface materials.
30 minutes FREE tutorial with audio is here:…
The realtime tutorial will release together at the end of the month by my Patreon. 
I am launching quick painting tutorials on the channel every week. So please subscribe us if you want to watch them every Monday. 
I will be very appreciated if you can support my tutorials as well. So that I can have more free time to record on tutorials. 
My Patreon link:
My Gumroad link:
To see more works, please visit my website:
Thank you for your support and share.:)
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Hmmm. Nice creature. Keep it up
WalkureHauk's avatar
liltrex615's avatar
Looks like an epic version of a pangolin
buried-legacy's avatar
Or a more evolved version of it
usoutlaw's avatar
wow this in incredible. this looks like a creature you'd see in Dungeons and Dragons. or some other rpg game. there would probably even be a fetch quest to collect its scales because they can be use to make armor.

fun fact, pangolin have been nearly hunted to extinction for this exact reason

buried-legacy's avatar
Yeah just dont pet it.
JustOneLuke's avatar
Looks awesome. Too bad these guys are being hunted to extinction....
ImageoftheCreator's avatar
This is amazing and beautiful creature design! I love looking at those shiny scales you made.
Blondythedragon's avatar
Nice, this makes me think of Google xD
JamesExcalibur's avatar
Amazing! I will be calling it a day on the second stage :(
universe1919's avatar
Wow, you are very good. Art itself is amazing, and I love animals. My fave.:)
Ribboncrown15's avatar
Oohh, a pangolin! I love pangolins!
jeffroell8's avatar
Ooh, a sandslash! I love sandslashes!
Ribboncrown15's avatar
Oh yeh, Sandslashes are based on pangolins.
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