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Vector Tutorial v2

By donbenni
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#Please note, there is a new version of my Vector Tutorial series. Click [link] to view Vector Tutorial v3#

Phew. This was pretty tough. Feedback please. I can't tell if it's good or really bad. Sorry about the file size. But i figured, you get what you pay for (in download time...).

Funny thing. In Photoshop, this tut is 2.5 metres long!
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
This is beautiful.
saffronrestaurantoxf's avatar I read the seems very perfect..Thanks for this tutorial.
Katastract's avatar
nice tutorial. what size should the canvas be, is it wallpaper size. is there an option on photoshop to make the canvas into the typical wallpaper format. thanks. 
Danq82's avatar
Great tutorial, Man! Come see my wok ;)…
novapix29's avatar
marcuzes's avatar
Great and clear instructions
KookyGirl3's avatar
This was so easy to follow, very straightforward!
Maximimim's avatar
freaking nice!
amelbg's avatar
this will help :D
Animebuzzer's avatar
I'm having a bit of trouble with the outline :< After I outlined it, some of the lines are thicker than others. On my stroke path, simulate pressure is not checked so I'm not sure what's making the line so uneven.

Screen shot, with pen tool up: [link]

Just thought I'd ask. If you're too busy that's fine too xD
marupage82's avatar
it looks like i could really get in there and drive it nice job man
brovahood's avatar
Hey, I know you must get alot of this but really nice tutorial, the best i've seen infact. I hope to try this out in the next few days, Thanks!
quadronom's avatar
quite a simple but very good tut! like it much!
pianplace's avatar
wwwooooooooooooooowww !!!
onyxcomix's avatar
This is a really good tutorial!

I'm using it. Although when i get to the colouring stage, and i fill the car with a colour, there seems to be a small line (about 1 pixel width) between the fill colour and the outline. and this happens to every part of the car.

any help?
ahmed92's avatar
xXJohnnnYXx's avatar
im working on a Skoda 120L
thanks a whole lot for this tutorial :) ..
graphomet's avatar
cool tutorial dude!!!!

i was told about and found ya....

how about version 3 of this tutorial recorded on video!?!?!?!?!pls pls pls
make it like a sequence of tutorials from scratch to finish.
GFX-SeeYa's avatar
Wow dude, this is really aweosmenes, right now im triend to learn this about vector and this is the best tutorial what i have seem. thank you a lot!!
PhoenixKami's avatar
Thanks , the color part is hard :(
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