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Maserati GT Sport Concept

By donbenni
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I was watching Top Gear last Sunday and saw the new Maserati Gran Turismo shown during the news section. It's a great looking car, so I wanted to toon it right away. Here is my idea of a Sport pack they could offer that compliments the Italian car's strangely oriental looks.

I want to thank Emre [link] for his great tutorial [link] and for his inspirational work. I thought I would attempt a different approach to colouring on this and here is the result.

Enjoy :)
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totally  fricn awsome.
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Hello. I would like to ask your permission and approval about having this picture next to one of my poetry in my self-publish poetry anthologies. I will credit your link.

highly appreciate it if you respond positively.
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now that is one sick concept car that i wouldn't mind owning at all
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if i had to choose between a maserati and a ferrari, im absolutely sure i would go for maserati... great cars, great quality, greeat designnn, very nice!!
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This is truly a beutiful car. But why does it have to cost so bloody much?? lol I mean REALLY! You think the company didn't make but 30 or so of these a year :giggle:

Oh wait, they don't :XD:
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Amazing look, very sleek and exotic looking.
I also got to say I like the shape from the side, what can I say? I am a curve kind of guy. :)
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Now, if only they would make it like this. OOOOOOOOOOyah.
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Nice concept art

I find the Maseratti is just a rebadged Ferrari that has the handling characteristics of a base model Alfa Romeo
myself I'll stick with loving the Pagani Zonda R

but still you done a good job!!!
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Good lord! The side skirts and the hood is just so dashing! Awesome reflections on the wheels.

Master job indeed! :D
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very nice... well deserved DD... good job :thumbsup:
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Could you resize it to 1600 x 1200?

If you did it in illustrator or another vector program it shouldn't be too too difficult.
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DAMN... :omg: When I first see the thumbnail of this car, I thought it was COMPLETELY real and a doubt it's vectored. But... when I click it... this is just so impressing. :omg:
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Amazing...Great Work
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Sweet Gran Turismo ! :D
Great JOB :)
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