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St George and the Dragon

By DonatoArts
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24" x 32"
Oil on Panel

Created for the cover of the DragonCon convention book, 2010

Donato Art…
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Hail the soldiers of Christ.
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The Dragon yet raises again and again from the ashes. Still a popular neutral figure while the knight is more and more considered a simple warrior good at clashing against peasants and other knights but bad at avoiding or resisting Mongol horse archers' arrows.

Also your "Saint" Georges is a Roman, you know the people who crucified your God and later hypocriticly converted ower the following centuries, planting the seed that would poison the Empire.

And Georges slayed the Dragon when it was tamed with the Princess' belt and brought into the city. More like an execution than a proper fight face to face.

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Please, dragon..

don't be slain.

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A little story about this piece. My best friend is a huge fan of your work and picked this up from you several years ago (I want to say Dragon Con...?). She became a cloistered nun about 2 or so years ago and had to give up all of her belongings. She had a hard time letting go of her art prints, but she gifted this one to me and I've had it hanging up ever since. It means so much to me, for so many reasons. I find myself staring at it so often!! It's just brilliant.

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That's really sweet! I hope your friend is doing well, as are you, and I love this piece as well!
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This is a masterful composition which, despite the disparity in size between them, leaves us feeling that it's St George here who's the powerful and dangerous one and it's the dragon who's in deep trouble! 
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Nice to see someone acknowledging OG dragon lore
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Clean up your dragon from the belly of the beast.
Really good piece.
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This is stunning!
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I see so much confidence in this
Absolutely amazing piece :heart:
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armor is impressive 
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Beautiful piece! :clap: I envy people who are so skilled with oils. :)
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This reminds me of Dark Souls, and how it uses the classic Knight Armor.
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That is some sexy, sexy armour!  Glad to see that there are still people out there that illustrate historical pieces of armour (My jam)!  Excellent work!
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Demon/Dark Souls anyone? :D
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Very Awesome and emotive picture..............ToT
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Makes me think of John Waterhouse. :D Beautiful work.
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One of my favorite stories, and this illustration is wonderful. Heart 
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