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Robot Sorrow
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Published: December 6, 2014
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I was able to find a small window of time in the schedule to complete this image.  It was sheer pleasure to work upon!
27" x 33"
Oil on Panel
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Very impressive this scene. I can fell the mood here. Well done.
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AceManOnTheSceneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok here's my guess, eery fantastic painting btw.
It's "La Pieta" here are the comparisons, the human is Jesus but more directly compares to humanity, our innocence and our sin. The orange/mandarin is both the forbidden fruit, normally depicted as an apple and our need for sustenance (weakness) despite having no clothes which implies innocence (like in the garden of eden). The robots represent our guardians (parents) in this image and also our regression into becoming children once again. They are depicted as a couple not necessarily as male and female (robots ya know) but also as our (humanity's) masters.
Despite the human being depicted as dead or lifeless there is no blood on the ground only oil coming from the robot. The streets are painted with cracked paint and rubble representing a broken society our rather one that no longer serves things that are important to humans.

So here is the narrative, we have gone to a future were we have handed over control (willingly or otherwise) to robots (our creation) effectively making them our guardians (like god) but also our masters, we have regressed to an innocent but also naive state and the world around us is no longer shaped by us, we attempt to reclaim our knowledge by eating the forbidden fruit but only end up hurting our guardians and ending our own existence by fighting them, here there is true pity, not for the human which is obscured but for the robots who hold the corpse with care and remorse. Unlike "La Pieta" there is no admiration for the sacrifice because this was a truly meaningless exercise emphasized by the angle (downwards) and the robot attempting to shield the figure from the audience "us", because we are the past that cannot be returned to and no longer matters, ALL HAIL OUR FUTURE ROBOT OVERLORDS! (Okay lol, sans the last line and it was all serious, just my interpretation)
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Wow, my first impression of this masterpiece were partially as you AceManOnTheScene explained. Tho your analyze is in many ways much more sophisticated and eruditional than my first impressions are.

So in the darkest corners of my thoughts, it resembles how human has become a pet kind of creature for Robots. So they will suffer when their pets are being perished. Pets, just like we humans overestimate ourselves above all the animals and other life forms in our planet, even tho in the end, all we really are is just a part of nature, nothing more. We might own understanding that makes us superior to other life forms in some of the ways, but with it comes responsibility too.

Other first impression that came to my mind, was that we humans are "kind of gods" for the robots and their AI, which we will create. But in the longer run, due to our destructive and greedy nature, robots can't let us stay, spread and destroy nature. So they'll be forced to silent our voices, which might lead us gaining a status of God, amongst the robots. They'll have to make end of us, for continual and survival of "humanity", which they will be a part of, since we will program them to feel, understand emotions and all that resembles humanity. They'll be made by us humans, so they might believe like we do. And well, we will be their makers, so we are going to be the Gods for them, as long as we can be remembered, right?

What i'm trying to say is that I'd like to see human being evolve to another direction for our own good :) Robots are welcome but human needs to change before it is too late.

This comment is not to be taken too seriously, it is just a play of thoughts. 
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letalcabbageStudent Traditional Artist
Impresionant job.
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I don't get it... From a detective point of view, I can't figure it out...
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RockLouHobbyist General Artist
Legs and feet are so hard to get right. This is amazing!
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MelubnioHobbyist Digital Artist
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That person died while . . . . . .peeling an orange, on the street, naked?
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LumicolourProfessional Digital Artist
i have never seen symbolism quite like this, and in some way to me, it is scarily relevant. This piece has really made me think, thank you. <3
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Amazing piece, speaks on so many levels
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BanjokerHobbyist General Artist
It kind of seems like something that might have been directly after the Omnic Crisis.
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manavortexHobbyist General Artist
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simonzesHobbyist Digital Artist
Great evocative piece of work .. love the realistic color of the corpse , in sync with the surrounding !!
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RestlessDraugrHobbyist Digital Artist
you could bring about a second art renaissance, your stuff is great!
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GreenHousePieHobbyist Traditional Artist
This concept is gripping.
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Crimzen250Hobbyist General Artist
A clockwork orange
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Katanaman1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Incredible... Both skill and subject
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benjobHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, this is really good. I want this painting in my life.
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InstitutionGreen Filmographer
Wonderful mood.
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ADE-doodlesProfessional General Artist
wonderful piece
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MartinHanford1974Professional Traditional Artist
Love it!
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Gwiber49Hobbyist Filmographer
Robots can be programed to feel emotions and thus feel remorse for their actions.
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